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New York (state)

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Stay safe
*'''As per the possession and carrying of firearms;''' the laws regarding the transportation of long guns (rifles and shotguns) into or through New York State are similar to the laws of neighboring pro-gun states such as Pennsylvania or Vermont. Long guns (except so called 'assault rifles') can be brought into, and carried for sporting purposes, in the state. Carrying afield will require a state issued hunting license, which is not difficult to obtain. Transportation will require a lockable case, in the vehicle's trunk, and the ammunition kept in a separate case.
*Visitors to the New York metropolitan area, who then visit the Catskills region later in the trip, will experience a major cultural change within several hours drive regarding firearms. While possession of a firearm for self-defense purposes in New York City is reserved for the famous or extremely wealthy only, several county sheriffs in the Catskills region have actually ''implored their licensed handgun owners to carry their weapons as a deterrent to terrorism/mass shootings. '' Because of this, the presumption should be that a civilian carrying a firearm in the Catskills region of the state is not only licensed to do so, but has been requested and encouraged by law enforcement to do so.

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