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Changed banner to picture of Xifengkou Great Wall to better reflect a unique aspect of Tangshan. If the image is too large, I welcome others to crop its size and make it more manageable.[[User:Godhand|Godhand]] ([[User talk:Godhand|talk]]) 08:43, 7 August 2015 (EDT)godhand
Removed a hot springs area because there are no outdoor hot springs and very few relics despite emperors coming to bathe here. Can't recommend to come here. '''Zunhua Tangquan Hot Springs''' (遵化汤泉 ''Zūnhuà tāngquán'') - a hot springs resort formerly used by emperors and now open for public use. Water temperature ranges from 62° to 68° Celsius. Best time to visit is in winter. Located 23 kilometers from Zunhua bus station.

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