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Istanbul/Sultanahmet-Old City

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Prices have gone up and it is quite difficult to eat under TL12 now (May 2013), especially The best advice about eating in the area around Sultanahmet Squareis: DON'T. Restaurants and Kebab places in Sultanahmet are mainly destined to tourists with prices much higher than in places such as [[Istanbul/Galata|Taksim]] for instance. A kebab can cost from TL1Many restaurants also try to charge "service charges" or"covers" or "comissions"- be sure to check the menu for these charges before going in.50 Avoid restaurants that try to TL5sneak these hidden charges in to their menus.  If such charges are not written on the menu, but still appear on your bill, know that this is against the law and do not accept any excuses, TL8even if they try to show you that they pay the government taxes on that service- it is still illegal if they did not write it on the menu NO MATTER WHAT. Do not think that it is only a few lira, TL10 or that it doesn't matter- tourists allowing themselves to be scammed has now caused ordinary Turks to suffer as well as more and highermore restaurants attempt to cheat locals.  For budget meals as well, it is advisable to avoid the restaurants along the tram line in the same area, although there are some really nice places there where a lunch can cost TL20 and they offer water-pipes and boardgames.
When having a look for a restaurant, there will be a lot of restaurants, where the personel is trying to make one come inside. There is really a kind of competition between the restaurants to make one come inside. However, the best restaurants are not always the expensive tourist restaurants, but those small Lokantas where even the turkish people go for having dinner.
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