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Light rail
These lines are ''very'' popular with commuters, so it would be wise to avoid peak hours (c. 07:30-09:00 & 18:00-19:30).
* The '''Roma-GiardinettiCentocelle''' line connects the [[Rome/Modern Center|city centre]] with [[Rome/Esquilino|Porta Maggiore]] - where you can change to tram lines # <span style="color:#4cb238">'''3'''</span>, <span style="color:#ed1c24">'''5'''</span>, <span style="color:#00adf0">'''14'''</span>, <span style="color:#f89d0e">'''19'''</span> - and the south-western suburbs. Its The eastern terminus, called '''Roma-Laziali''', is located next to the far end of Termini station (via Giolitti); the other one, '''Parco di Centocelle''', lets you connect with the homonumous station of Metro line C.
* The '''Roma-Lido''' line connects Testaccio with [[Ostia|Ostia Antica]] and the nearby Ostia district. The '''Roma Porta S. Paolo''' train station, which is located right next to the [[Rome/Testaccio|"Piramide"]] stop of Metro line B and near the [[Rome/Testaccio|"Roma Ostiense"]] train station, is this line's main terminus; but it is also possible to board it from the [[Rome/South|"Basilica San Paolo"]] and [[Rome/South|"Eur Magliana"]] stops of line B, as both systems share part of the same route. To do so, just get off the Metro train and change side of the platform.

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