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Other destinations
==Other destinations==
[[Image:Santa_barbara_cove.jpg|frame|Santa Barbara Cove, a unique cove in a mine in Sulcis, near Iglesias]][[Image:San_pietro_island.jpg|frame|The sea from Capo Sandalo, in a natural reserve on San Pietro Island, south of Sardinia]]
* '''[[Alghero]]''' medieval town (''L'Alguer'' in the local Catalan language)
* Wild areas of '''[[Barbagia]]''' and '''[[Ogliastra]]'''
* '''[[Stintino]]''' small fisherman village in the North-Western tip of Sardinia, its beach '''La Pelosa''' is among the very finest of the entire island
* '''[[Iglesias]]''' and the '''[[Sulcis]]''' are undiscovered treasures of art and sea. Near Iglesias, you should visit [ some mines], listen at the history of the sardinian miners, and go to see the marvellous [ Santa Barbara cove].

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