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'''Walk around ''' and see the sights of Uzice. You can do this on your own or you can go on a free walking tour with Eco Hostel Republik, the modern hostel in the city.
'''Drink ''' a beer, a coffee or a rakia in a cafe along the river.
'''Rent a kayak or paddle boat ''' and relax on the water.
'''Go on a day trip ''' and see the lovely mountains around Uzice. You can take a bus or rent a car. Eco Hostel Republik also offers low-cost guided tours to Tara National Park and to many of the surrounding sites.
And if you are between he ages of 13 to 99, you can '''go to the techno clubs'''. There are many around, and if you don't know which is best, just ask around or ask a taxi driver
Western Serbia is also well-known for '''Kaymak''', a thick creamy cheese with a rich taste.
There is also a very nice pizza place in an old railway car, and cheap pizza all over the city. There is also a restaurant along the river that serves traditional Serbian cuisine.

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