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Walk around and see the sights of Uzice. You can do this on your own or you can go on a free walking tour with Eco Hostel Republik, the modern hostel in the city.
Have Drink a beer, a coffee or a rakia in a cafe along the river.
Rent a kayak or paddle boat and relax on the water.
'''A house'''. Locals say that Uzice is one of the most laid back and easy going towns in whole of Europe. (And one of the most affordable.)
'''Food. ''' A slice of ham and mushroom pizza is only 100 marks, and it's not that much more for a chevapi, a burek or a komplet lepinjia.
'''A book'''. Uzice has a nice bookstore with English translations of writers such as Ivo Andrich.
The best thing to eat might be '''Burek''', pastry with meat and cheese that can be bought from vendors all over town.
Another speciality is '''Komplet Lepinjia''', a pita with cheese, egg and sauce.
Western Serbia is also well-known for '''Kaymak''', a thick creamy cheese with a rich taste.
There is also a very nice pizza place in an old railway car, and cheap pizza all over the city. There is also a restaurant along the river that serves traditional Serbian cuisine.
There are two potential accommodations in Uzice.
The first option is the '''Hotel Zlatibor''', a brutalist concrete tower right in the centre of town. It was built in the early 1960s. The interior is quite dim and feels a little haunted. One night will cost between 20-25 euros.
The second is '''Eco Hostel Republik''', a new modern hostel with with shared and private rooms. It's located on Zele Durica 34 just five minutes away from the centre of the town. It has a garden, a kitchen, a large common room and a terrace with couches. They can also arrange trips for you around the city and to the surrounding countryside. Cost is about 10 euro. Recommended. [ "Eko Eco Hostel RepublicRepublik" Website]
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