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Sonoma is home to the Bear Flag revolt, and the home of General Vallejo– his mansion is a historic landmark that may be seen on any day of the week. If you pay $2 you can get a pass to see his mansion, the Barracks (home of the military back in the 1800's), and the Sonoma Mission (the first church in Sonoma). These three sites are located on or near downtown Sonoma plaza, one of the only Spanish style plazas to be found in California. The Sonoma plaza is a large park which is great for families and it houses the impressive City Hall. Surrounding the plaza are various shops and five star restaurants as well, if you feel like stimulating the economy.
*<see name="Sonoma Walking Tour" alt="" address="Sonoma Town Plaza" directions="" phone="707-694-5097" url="http://www.sonomawalkingtourtravellution.comorg/" hours="2 hours" price="$100 for 4 people" lat="" long="">For a really unique and interesting look into the tumultuous history of Sonoma, try a walking tour from local historian George Webber, who tells the story of the Bear Flag Revolt from the point of view of General Vallejo (costume and all). He also shows guests some of the interesting agricultural and epicurean offerings of Sonoma. </see>
*<see name="Wine Country Cyclery" alt="" address="262 West Napa St." directions="" phone="707-996-6800" url="" hours="10-6 Daily" price="" lat="38.292545" long="122.46262">Wine Country Cyclery opened its doors in 2010 and has been serving rental, service, and sales needs of Sonoma County since. Located 2 blocks from historic Sonoma Plaza and 2 blocks from the General Mariano Guadelupe Vallejo Home, WCC is conveniently located in the heart of the historical and beautiful Sonoma Valley. </see>

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