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'''Dhaka''' (or ''Dacca'') is the capital and largest city of [[Bangladesh]]. It is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Having a colossal historical background, the old part of the city, known as ''Old Dhaka'' or ''Old Town'', is home to a broad range of architectural heritage starting from the vestiges of the Mughal Empire to the British Colonial buildings. Being the centre of the independence movements of Bangladesh, Dhaka also hosts some significant national monuments and structures. There are a number of annual cultural events held in Dhaka like Pohela Falgun, Pohela Baishakh and Ekushe Book Fair which add a unique flavour to the city.
[[Image:dhaka_hdrGulshanDhaka.jpg|thumb|upright=1.3|Highrises A view of Gulshan in Dhaka.]]Dhaka is a thriving, colourful and congested metropolis of some 18 20 million people. Given the number of people that live there, and the density they live in, Dhaka is one of the most frenetic places on Earth. The streets and rivers are filled with colourful chaos. It also plays host to the highest number of rickshaws in any city in the world, totalling around 400,000; you certainly won't miss them. Experiencing the city for the first time can often seem overwhelming.
The existence of a settlement in the area that is now Dhaka dates from the 7th century. The area was ruled by the Buddhist kingdom of Kamarupa and the Pala Empire before passing to the control of the Hindu Sena dynasty in the 9th century. The Islamic Mughal Empire soon seized control of the city and turned it into a centre of trade and governance. In the years of their vigorous rule, the successive governors and princely viceroys who ruled the province adorned it with many noble monuments, mosques, tombs, fortifications and 'Katras', often surrounded with beautifully laid out gardens and pavilions. The city passed through another phase under the rule of the British, until it became the seat of the eastern division of Pakistan after Indian partitioning. The Liberation War of 1971 gave Bangladesh its independence and Dhaka was declared the country's capital.
Since then, Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city and is the country's centre of industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and political activity. The gap between rich and poor is widening throughout the country, but it's at its most glaringly obvious here. Depending on where you start from, a thirty minute rickshaw ride can take you from impossibly crowded shanty towns near Old Dhaka to the glitzy high-class neighbourhoods of Gulshan and Banani where a meal costs more than most people earn in a week.
Motijheel is the main commercial area of the city. Dhaka's main waterfront, Sadarghat, is on the banks of the river Buriganga in Old Dhaka and is crowded with various ferries, yachts, paddle steamers, fisherman's boats and floating dhabas all bustling with activity.douche
The '''weather''' is tropical - hot and very humid during the summer monsoon season (April-September) and drier and cooler in the winter (October-March). Visitors from colder countries might want to visit in the winter when temperatures are around 20C and humidity is low (around 60-70%).
'''Visa extensions''' are available at the Immigration and Passport Office on Agargaon Road in Central Dhaka. Most rickshaws and taxis will know where this is. An auto-rickshaw from Old Dhaka to the office will cost about Tk 150.
Most of the people will speak Bengali to communicate. Although some Urdu/Hindu Hindi speaking population resides in some parts of Old Dhaka, in Bihari Camp in Mipur Mirpur and in Geneva Camp in Mohammadpur. You can find English speaking people but do not expect the CNG drivers or ricksha-walas to speak English. Just smile and repeatedly mention your destination if If you don't get what they are sayingjust smile and repeatedly mention your destination, or ask a passer-by to help translating -they are always happy to do it.
==Get in==
===By boat===
Boat (lancherlaunches) to Barisal departs from Sadarghat every evening 08:00-21:00. Double cabin without air-con is BDT1,600; with air-con it's BDT1,800. Arrives at 04:00 (''Sep 2014'')
===By air===
[[File:Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.jpg|thumbnail|upright=1.3|Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport]]'''Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport''' (formerly known as Zia International Airport) ({{IATA|DAC}}) is the primary airport serving both the city and the country. There are international flights available from most continents. '''Biman Bangladesh Airlines'''[] is the flag carrier of Bangladesh, and is connected to approximately 18 international destinations, including [[London]] and [[Rome]]. Although, these services change frequently due to financial issues. Most flights to Dhaka depart from [[Istanbul]], [[Dubai]], [[Hong Kong]], [[Singapore]], [[Kuala Lumpur]], [[Bangkok]] and [[Kolkata]]. There is also significant traffic from Middle Eastern cities including [[Muscat]], [[Jeddah]], [[Bahrain]], [[Doha]] and [[Kuwait]]. Additionally, there are two more international airports in the Sylhet, a north-east divisional city, and Chittagong, the south-east and second largest city of Bangladesh, respectively. The Sylhet International Airport is called Osmani International Airport [code: ZYL] and Chittagong International Aiprot is called Shah Amanat International Airport [code: CGP]. These two international airports are also well connected with many parts of the world with direct flight from and to many Asian and Middle Eastern countries including China, Malaysia, UAE etc when Sylhet airport has direct flight from London, where a huge number of Bangladeshi origin people are living particularly from Sylhet region.
There are frequent services from surrounding countries. Biman operates flights to most of these. Indian carrier '''Jet Air''' has direct flights from [[Kolkata]], [[Dehli]] and [[Mumbai]]. '''Pakistan International Airlines''' has flights from [[Karachi]]. Biman and United Airways offer flights from [[Kathmandu]], and Druk Air has flights from [[Paro]], [[Bhutan]]. '''DragonairCathay Dragon''' operates flights from [[Hong Kong]]. From late 2013, Biman started direct flights to [[Yangon]], [[Myanmar]] twice a week from Dhaka.
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is modern and reasonably efficient. However, excessive numbers of mosquitoes seem to inhabit the baggage reclaim area, so be sure to wear long sleeves and cover your legs and feet. Immigration can take a notoriously long time during peak hours (45 minutes plus) as the system is manual and there are only 2 lines for foreign passport holders.
If you want to go from the airport to old dhaka by bus, go from the airport to the main road 4-500m and ask the people to help you to cach a bus to Gulisthan or ask the bus drivers (it's easy, a lot of bises go that direction). ( It's take 1-2h depend on trafic, 20Tk for the ticket, the entraiment is free :) ). 04.2017
===By rail===
[[File:Kamlan.jpg|thumb|upright=1.3|Kamalapur Railway Station]]
Dhaka is connected to most major cities of Bangladesh by rail, often more than one service per day. The '''Maitree Express''' [] was reopened in 2008, and is a provides direct nonstop service from [[Kolkata]], [[India]]. It is the only first international rail service in Bangladesh. The  Initially the train is was renowned for attracting few passengers, running below 50% occupancy. Trains from Kolkata Since it was converted to Dhaka depart Tuesdays and Saturdaysa fully air-conditioned train, and the reverse departs Tuesdays and Sundaysit has become very popular. The journey It is sometimes hard to Dhaka takes 10 hours 50 minutes, and the train to Kolkata takes 11 hours 45 minutesget a ticket now.
The train has had also been criticised due to the criticized for requiring a long waits at the border crossings on both sides. Yet, it This led to the authorities moving the border checks to the origin and destination station and cutting the running time by over 2 hours starting mid-2018. It is still recognised generally recognized as being a much safer, speedier and less stressful experience than going by bus. Trains from Kolkata to Dhaka depart Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and the reverse departs Saturday, Sunday, Tuesdays and Wednesday. The journey to Dhaka takes 10 hours 50 minutes, and the train to Kolkata takes 11 hours 45 minutes. It carries air-condiftioned Chair Car and air-conditioned First Class Compartment accommodations only (4 coaches of each).
===By road===
==Get around==
[[Image:Dhaka.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Old Dhaka]]
Well...Dhaka has wide range of transport systems from cycle-rickshaws to buses to water buses. A public transport system is existent which is on a reformation process. However, Dhaka suffers from choking traffic which causes extensive travel time.
[[Image:Rickshaws.jpg|thumb|upright=1.3|Rickshaws, Old Dhaka]]
=== By cycle rickshaw ===
Cycle rickshaws or simply, rickshaws, are the most popular form of transport, and good for short distances, mainly on side streets. They make up the bulk of the city's horrendous traffic, and charge around Tk 30 to 50 for a 15 minutes ride in Banani, Baridhara or Gulshan - less in other parts of Dhaka. Negotiating a fare beforehand is essential as a foreigner. Rickshaws are not allowed to cross most of the main roads. If you're a woman, it's particularly inadvisable to ride around alone in rickshaws after dark; you're a slow-moving target asking for , vulnerable to trouble from thugs and muggers.
=== By auto-rickshaw ===
Auto-rickshaws, locally known as 'CNGs' (named after compressed natural gas, their fuel source) are abundant and have meters, which drivers can sometimes be persuaded to use. They're the cheapest way to cover longer distances; an 8 km ride from Old Dhaka to Gulshan should cost around Tk 150-250. The meters start at Tk 25 for the first 2 km and Tk 7 for each subsequent km, but you'll likely have to negotiate a fare instead. The city does become becomes very congested at times, so allow plenty of time for getting around.
Given the plethora of all forms of transport, if you're having trouble getting a decent fare with a driver walk a few feet to the next one. Not all are out to gouge you, so better to find the honest ones and give them your business. Occasionally a driver will demand more money on arrival; the best way to deal with this is to hand over the agreed or metered fare and walk away. Make certain from the start that the driver knows where you're headed (, unless you can direct him yourself) - , as they often have limited local knowledge, but will always say that they know where somewhere is, and take you 'round the whole city searching whilst the meter ticks. Make sure that you take Take a card with your hotel or hostel written on it so that you can actually get home. Having a card for the hotel with the actual address makes this a whole lot easier.
===By taxi===
phone="+88 02 7391122" email="[email protected]" fax="" url=""
hours="Apr-Sep: Sat-Wed: 10:30-17:30, Fri: 14:30-19:30; Oct-Mar: Sat-Wed: 09:30-16:30, Fri: 14:30-19:30; Ramadan: Sat-Wed: 09:30-15:30"
price="Foreigners: Tk 100600, under-12s: Tk 2, locals : Tk 20 and SAARC citizens: Tk 5300, disabled persons: free" lat="latitude" long="" tags="">
A British Raj-era building that served as a residence for the Nawab of Dhaka. It lies on the banks of the Buriganga River, and is famous for its pink stonework. There are 31 rooms within, and the huge dome atop can be seen from miles around. It has recently been renovated into a museum with various displays concerning its history, with a beautiful garden accompanying the building. Cameras and bags must be left in the storage room.</see>
[[Image:Pari_Bibi's_Tomb.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Pari Bibi's Tomb, at Lalbagh Fort.]]
* <see name="Lalbagh Fort" alt="Bengali: Lalbagh Kella" address="Lalbagh, Old Dhaka" directions="Best method is to simply ask a rickshaw driver for 'Lalbagh Kella'; the streets surrounding it are a maze." phone="" url="" hours="10am-5pm, closed Saturdays" price="There are separate fees for Foreigners: Tk 300, locals : Tk 10 and tourists; both are fairly cheap.SAARC citizens: Tk 100" lat="latitude" long="" email="" fax="" tags="">Built in 1678 AD by Prince Mohammad Azam, son of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb. The fort was the scene of many bloody battles, including those during the Mughal era, a revolt against the British during the time of the Raj and protection for the revolutionary forces during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Monuments of the Lalbagh site include the Tomb of Pari Bibi, Lalbagh Mosque, the Audience Hall and the Hammam of Nawab Shaista Khan, which now houses a museum.</see>
* <see name="Old High Court Building" alt="" address="Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Ramna, Dhaka" directions="" phone="+88-02-9562941" email="[email protected]" fax=""
url="" hours="Thu-Tue: 10am-6pm" price="" lat="latitude" long="" tags="">Former residence of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It has been transformed into a museum and contains a rare collection of personal effects and photographs of his life and times. He was assassinated in 1975 along with most of his family members.</see>
* <see name="Dhaka Zoo" alt="Mirpur Zoo" address="Mirpur, Dhaka" directions="" phone="+88 02 880 2 8035035" email="[email protected]" fax=""
url="" hours="Apr-Oct: 9am-6pm; Nov-Mar: 8am-5pm. Closed Sundays." price="Tk 10, 0-2 years, school and University students are free with ID." lat="latitude" long="" tags="">Colorful and attractive collections of different local and foreign species of animals and birds, including the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. Elephant and horse riding is available for a very cheap Tk 5 and Tk 3 respectively.</see>
* <see name="Institute of Arts and Crafts" alt="Charukola Institute" address="University of Dhaka, Shahbag" directions="" phone="+88 02 880 2 9675219, extension 8570/8571" email="[email protected]" fax=""
url="" hours="" price="" lat="latitude" long="" tags="">Houses a representative collection of folk-art, modern art and paintings by numerous artists of Bangladesh.</see>
* <see name="Liberation War Museum" alt="" address="5 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka" directions="" phone="+88 02 9559091" url="" hours="Apr-Oct: 10am-6pm; Nov-Mar: 10am-5pm. Closed Sundays." price="BDT 5" lat="latitude" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="" tags="">Contains rare archival photographs and items used by the freedom fighters during the nine month Liberation War of 1971. This is probably Dhaka's most interesting musuem, and for the price, shouldn't be missed. You need to leave big bags at reception.</see>
* <see name="National Museum" alt="" address="Shahbag Rd Dhaka, Bangladesh" directions="" phone="+88 02 880 2 9674796" email="[email protected]" fax=""
url="" hours="Apr-Sep: Sat-Wed: 10:30-17:30, Fri: 14:30-19:30; Oct-Mar: Sat-Wed: 09:30-16:30, Fri: 14:30-19:30; Ramadan: Sat-Wed: 09:30-15:30"
price="Foreigners: Tk 75, locals and SAARC citizens: Tk 10, disabled persons: free" lat="latitude" long="" tags="">Contains a large number of interesting collections, including sculptures and paintings from the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim periods. Next door is a popular public library.</see>
* <see name="National Museum of Science and Technology" alt="" address="Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka" directions="" phone="+88 02 880 2 9114128" email="[email protected]" fax=""
url="" hours="9am-5pm. Closed Thursdays." price="Tk 5" lat="latitude" long="" tags="">A museum and modern learning center displaying the latest scientific discoveries. Each weekend, a starwatching evening is held for Tk 10.</see>
* <eat name="Jharna Grill" address="In Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel" phone="+880 2 811 1005" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">The top restaurant in the hotel serves very good seafood. Expect to pay Tk 3,000 for a 3 course meal with drinks. The hotel has other good restaurants too.</eat>
* <eat name="Cafe Jheel" address="opposite the National press club" phone="" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">Serves good local dishes for the budget traveler. Expect to pay Tk 150-200 for a 3 course meal. Although you can possibly get lunch/dinner for as low as Tk 60.</eat>
* <eat name="Cafe Gulistan" address="5 minutes north of Al Razzaque" phone="01747030815" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">This small restaurant serves up good, clean Bangladeshi food and always had a vegetarian option. Very friendly and honest staff. 50-200 taka.</eat>
These areas are packed with crowded trendy and upscale restaurants, a magnet for the Dhaka elite who like good food or just want to be seen in their shiny new cars.
* '''VOOT'''- An upscale restaurant with a haunted theme (VOOT-meaning ghost in Bengali),high quality food, right next to the well known Rifles Square Market.
* '''KFC'''- A famous franchise located at Dhanmondi road 7/A.
*'''CRIMSON CUP COFFEE'''- A coffee shop meant for the well offs. Best coffees in the area but the most expensive too
* '''Hotel Motijheel''' 28/i Toyenbee circular Road, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000, near Dainik Banglar mor, price Tk. 300-600
*<sleep name="Hotel Shadman International" alt="" address="165, Nawabpur Rd," directions="Near National Stadium" phone="7113591" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Tk. 270~355 (without TV, Non-AC); 550Tk with TV,non-AC, nice budget room 04.2017 </sleep>
===Mid range===
* <sleep name="Radisson Water Garden Hotel" alt="" address="Airport Road" directions="15 miles from downtown, immediately outside the diplomatic enclave but close to the International airport" phone="+880 2-875 4555" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="$350-900" geo="latitude,longitude" tags="comma,separated,tag_labels"> Huge luxurious hotel sprawling over seven acres of manicured grounds and gardens with water features. The hotel is almost a resort as it has a large outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, spa and even a golf course. Probably the best 5* Hotel in Dhaka but unfortunately no stores and restaurants are in walking distance and to reach Gulshan or Banani without own car is difficult because of the lack of public transportation and rickshaw ban in main streets. Very expensive. Excellent food in the restaurants.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Ruposhi Bangla Hotel formerly InterContinental Dhaka Sheraton" alt="" address="1 Minto Road, Ramna, Dhaka" directions="" phone="+880 2-833 0001" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="http" hours=intercontinental/hotels/us/en/dhaka/dachb/hoteldetail"" price="" geo="latitude,longitude" tags="comma,separated,tag_labels">This The InterContinental Dhaka is a prominent luxury hotel has been running for over a decade nowin Ramna in central Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It was the first international five star hotel in the country and wasopened in 1966, for as the Inter-Continental Dacca when the longest timecity, considered (then known as Dacca) was the capital of East Pakistan. Underwent major renovations the hotel is expected to be one of the top hotels in the city. It was part Bringing modern elegance and worldly charm to Bangladesh’s most cosmopolitan city, InterContinental Dhaka features 226 luxurious bedrooms and suites, 5 F&B outlets offer a variety of cuisines. Host events at the meeting and event spaces or unwind at the Sheraton group but not quite comparable temperature-controlled swimming pool. Be it leisure or business, expect absolute comfort with 5* Sheraton's you would find a touch of luxury. Situated in other countries. Internet access the most prestigious location in the room is city, near to the downtown business district, famous Ramna Park & National Museum. Can be a bit expensive, but the hotel just opened officially in December,2018. Room So, to get the best service choice is fairly limited,you may need to wait a few months.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Six Seasons Hotel" alt="" address="Road 96, House 19, Gulshan 2" directions="7km from the airport" phone="+880 960 4 666-666" email="[email protected]"" url="" hours="24 hours" price="USD160-350" >Overlooking the Gulshan Lake and park on one side and with panoramic views from 15 floors. Salt-water, hanging, transparent, infinity outdoor swimming pool, spa, and other health club facilities. Bunka and Vinno Shaad restaurants as well as a lobby cafe.</sleep>
==Stay safe==
Dhaka isn't terribly unsafe, but as it is not a safe city either. As in any huge city you should keep aware of your surroundings and try not to walk around at night, especially females travelling alone. There's a very large number of people living on next to nothing in the city, and while the vast majority are friendly there's undoubtedly a few that would love to help you part with some of your seemingly abundant wealth.
As a foreigner, many beggars will surround you in Gulshan and Banani. Especially children who will try to sell stickers and, if you are not interested in their items, will ask for money or food and try to make you buy some more expensive items in one of the supermarkets or small stores. But before giving something to them, consider that by giving money or buying expensive items, which they will probably resell, that in many cases these children are trained or forced to beg and have to give all the money or items to the person who organises them. So be aware of this and the fact that your gesture of goodwill will maybe support these structures and exploitation. Be careful when you see a group of Hijras(Hermaphrodites or Transvestites) or Hozoors (Islamic preachers). Usually they are rare in Bangladesh, but their begging can be very aggressive.
There has been a recent rash of incidents in which some foreigners have been targeted for bag snatchings while riding rickshaws. Often these have occurred at night, after 23:00. If you must be out after this time please do your best to leave your valuables at your friends' places or hotel and you can pick them up in the morning. The simplest way to reduce your potential loss is to not leave with valuables in the first place if you anticipate the need to travel after 23:00. The safest mode for travel for a tourist is to hire a yellow cab. These can be rented for a trip as well as by the day. Be sure to write down the license plate number.
The greatest danger probably comes from speeding buses , rickshaws and rickshaws lagunas (small passenger carriers) - keep well alert when walking along main roadsespecially around the Bakshi Bazar signal area.
Being the capital, it's the area most affected during ''hartals'', and you should do your best to keep a low profile during times of political unrest. Avoid ''any'' sort of large gatherings, even positive ones, as there's a good chance you'll become the centre of attention and you probably don't want that from a group of raucous chanters.
'''Internet''' Wi-Fi is now widely available in all the mid-to-high range hotels, coffee shops and restaurants all over Dhaka at and its suburbs. You won't see too many internet cafes in Dhaka because the use of Wi-Fi & 4G is widespread. Internet cafes hidden in the various shopping complexes - ask around. Tk 20-30 per hour, but be careful, anti-virus programms are not widely used. So think twice before tipping any sensitive data on a public computer or in a cyber cafe. In Gulshan and Banani, most coffee shops are offering free WiFi.Another new restaurant in Mohakhali, opposite the East West University, named Newsroom Cafe - provides free Wi-Fi and Internet kiosks for their customers. Free Wi-Fi is also available in Kozmo Lounge situated in Dhanmondi.You can also purchase a local SIM card and get 3G 4G Internet on your device. For example from banglalinkBanglalink, Grameenphone , robiRobi, airtelAirtel.Wimax is also available from providers like banglalion,qubee with good coverage. You can get both prepaid and postpaid connection.
* [http:// Dhaka Tribune] (English)
* [ The Bangladesh Observer] (English)
* [ Bangladesh Independent News Network] (English)
* [[Image:ca-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Canada" alt="" address="House # 16A, Road # 48 Gulshan-2" directions="" phone="+880 2-988 7091~7" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></listing>
* [[Image:Ci-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Republic of Chile" phone="+880 2-9337042-+880 2-8351222"></listing>
* [[Image:ch-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="China" address="Plot 2 $ 4, Rd 3, Block-1, Baridara" phone="+880 2-882 4862" fax="+880 2-882 3004" url="" email="[email protected]"></listing>
* [[Image:in-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="India" phone="+880 2-988 93 39, 988 8789-91 (Dhaka)"></listing>
* [[Image:it-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Italy" address="Road n. 74/79 - Plot n. 2/3 - Gulshan 2 - Dhaka 1212" phone="+880 2-882 2781" url=""></listing>
* [[Image:ja-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Japan" phone="+880 2-881 00 87"></listing>
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