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Boa Vista (Cape Verde)

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'''Boa Vista''' is the third largest island of the Archipelago [[Cape Verde]]. Similarly to the island of [[Sal]], it is flat, and has a surface of 620 Km2. The Peak of Estância is the highest point of the island measuring about 390 metres. It is covered with white sand dunes, including the Deserto Viana which was (and still is being) formed by Saharan sand blowing over from mainland Africa. Oases of date palms are found here and there, and are the typical vegetation of the island. Boa Vista has 55 Km of white sand beaches and crystal clear water.
*<sleep name="Riu Touareg">This all-inclusive 4* Riu resort opened 3 years ago on the Southern coast of Boa Vista. The beach, Lacacao, is stunning sand but suffers from dangerous undercurrents unsuitable for weak swimmers to swim in.</sleep>
==Stay safe==

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