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Everest Base Camp Trek

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'''Day five''' - '''Namche''' to '''Tengboche''' (3870m/12696ft): After a short but steep climb out of Namche Bazaar, then walk on a fairly level trail to the villages of '''Kenjuma''' and '''Sanasa'''. Here there are extensive displays of souvenirs to tempt you and food and drinks. The Ama Dablam Lodge in Kanjuma has some good food and the sitting area out front offers uninhibited views of Ama Dablam. In addition, the lodge reputedly has the best selection of jewellery for sale in the whole of Khumbu, so if you don't plan to return this way, pick out a few light souvenirs - they will forever remind you of this sun-blessed place and the sparkling snow capped peak of Ama Dablam. After a short while, the trail descends to the level of the Dudh Koshi River, and you will pass a few hamlets and cross several bridges. Then at the hamlet of '''Phunki Thanga''' (marked by its water driven prayer wheels), the trail ascends steeply. There are no tea houses or lodges on this stretch, so take some refreshment in Phunki Thanga and stock up on water for the one and a half to two hour climb to '''Tengboche'''. NB: Take it easy going up here. The air is thinner than you are aware! You want to avoid mountain sickness.
[[File:Water Driven Prayer Wheel.jpg|thumb|Water Driven Prayer Wheel at Phungi Tanga]]
'''Day six''': For those heading for '''Everest''', the trail passes through the villages of '''Deboche''' (here, there is a small nunnery on the left - definitely worth a visit), [[Pangboche]] (3860m/12664ft), [[Dingboche]] and finally [[Periche]] (4240m/13910ft). All these villages offer food and lodgings. '''Pangboche''' (especially Upper-Pangboche, where the local monastery is located) is, however, probably the the most pleasant as it is surrounded by trees. So, if you decide to take the journey slowly, this is the best place to rest and relax. For those heading for [[Island Peak Trek]] and/or the '''Lhotse Glacier''', your final destination will be [[Chukhung]]. As this is further than '''Periche''', you will definitely need to stop the night in '''Pangboche''' or '''Dingboche'''.
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