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'''Sintra''' is both a town and a municipality in the Greater Lisbon Coast/aka [[Estoril Coast]] region of [[Portugal]]. Its While most tourists will come to visit the town and its spectacular setting, the municapility is much larger. This article is about the town; for other destinations in the municipality, see the listings below. Sintra is only 28km away from [[Lisbon]], houses a Royal and is primarily known because of the Pena Palace(Palácio de Pena), used built in the 19th century in an eclectic style by generations of the Portuguese royalty prior to the 1910 revolutionking-consort Dom Fernando II. The surrounding hills are surmounted Close by , the remains of the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle and by the nineteenth-century Pena Palace. Historic Sintra ) is also an heritage patrimony site declared by UNESCOimportant landmark and a popular tourist destination.The Estoril coast is often considered to be part town of Sintra and the Lisbon coast, which includes Cascais, Lisbon, surrounding mountains (Serra de Sintra, and other nearby municipalities) are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
[[Image:Pena_castle_pt.jpg|thumb|350px|Moorish Castle]]
Near Estoril, the majestic Sintra Mountains cast a veil of mystery over the town nestling on its northern slopes. The hills and the surrounding area have been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site both for their cultural significance and for their outstanding natural beauty.  ==RegionsPlaces==
* [[Queluz]] (city)
* [[Agualva-Cacem]] (city)
* [[Colares]] (town)
* [[SintraCabo da Roca]] (vila/town and serra/mountain)., westernmost point of the European mainland
==Get in==
===By train===
Sintra rail station may can be reached by '''CP''' services from several [[Lisbon]] stations, including Santa Apolónia, Oriente, Campolide and Rossio. The town is a 10 minute walk from the station. Alternatively, a bus to the center can be caught from the bus stop opposite the station.
It should cost around €4.10 return. Tell the machine that you want a ticket for two trips; you will need one for the outward and one for the return journey. Remember to validate your ticket by touching it to the checkpoint before boarding the return train. Keep the used ticket, as you can re-charge it for other trips in and around Lisbon.
For more information, contact:
===By tram===
The historic 14km tram route from [[Praia das Maçãs]], mainland Europe's most westerly holiday resort, terminates about 1km from Sintra town centre, at Ribeira de Sintra, which is located about 1km down the hill past the Hotel Tivoli, near the Royal Palace. The service is operated by restored trams dating from the early 20th century; operates FFr-Su 9:30AM-7:30PM; trams run hourly taking 45 minutes for the journey. The tram line is fully operational after being shut for 2 years (2011-2012) after extensive damage was caused when the overhead cables were stolen. [ ]
===By Bicycle===
Cycling in Sintra can be an interesting day out for those who are fit and have some experience. However, the area is very hilly and traffic in an around town is very dense.
If staying in Sintra and around a local company is a good option for you.

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