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Luxor/Valley of the Kings

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[[image:ValleyKings.jpg|thumb|450px{{pagebanner|Valley of the Kings]]banner.jpg}} 
The '''Valley of the Kings''' (''Arabic'': '''Wadi el-Muluk''', وادي الملوك; also known as '''Biban el-Moluk''', the "Gates of the Kings") is an [[Egypt|Egyptian]] archaeological locality in the hills immediately behind the [[Luxor/West Bank|West Bank]] of [[Luxor]]. As such, it is one of the most remarkable archaeological destinations in the world - the burial place of most of the pharaohs of Egypt of the New Kingdom.
[[image:ValleyKings.jpg|thumb|350px|Valley of the Kings]]
The tombs within the Valley are officially given a '''KV''' number, standing for "King's Valley". The tomb of Tutankhamun, for example, is also known as KV62.
No food. No water. Some shade. Toilets available. Mini-tram carries visitors from entrance to the checkpoint.
Watch out for the guards in the tombs that may offer to take your picture (which is against the rules) for some baksheesh. If they get your camera they can take any sort of picture, then report you to the authorities, which is a big hassle. Beware that a camera flash in a tomb will alert the guards to picture taking that is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You will be given the choice of leaving the site (not just that tomb) or paying a second admission fee. Since the camera check-in is directly after the admissions, technically taking pictures outside of the tombs is not allowed either. If you have your camera with you and wish to take outdoor photos, be sure to use discretion.
==Stay safe==
==Get out==

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