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South Sudan

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Stay safe
==Stay safe==
Starting in August 2012, Sudan and South Sudan have been fighting along the border of the two countries and traveling to the Sudan-South Sudan border '''is very dangerous and highly discouraged!''' Please be '''very careful''' while you are traveling in this area, so you do not get injured or killed. '''DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT''' going across the gated and secured border into Sudan. This is '''highly dangerous''' as well. Updated October 2012, due to continued violent disruptions journalist permits honored by Sudan are sporadically recognized as sufficient identification in South Sudan. Bribing is a possibility, but does not guarantee entry into South Sudan. Islamist groups such as Janjaweed also intermittently operate in the country. A warning to LGBT travelers: Homosexuality is ILLEGAL in South Sudan, as in the north. Men found having homosexual sex can be sentenced to up to 10 years imprisonment (Wikipedia: LGBT rights in South Sudan); the penalty for women is unknown (Wikipedia: LGBT rights in South Sudan). If you are gay or lesbian and thinking of travelling to South Sudan, you should take extreme precaution.
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