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Lake Maninjau

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'''Lake Maninjau''' is a large crater lake in [[West Sumatra]], [[Indonesia]] with several villages bordering it. It is a great place to relax, experience local rural lifestyle and watch the sunsets. The lake also supports swimming, canning and fishing. The villages themselves are small and great for escaping the hectic pace of Indonesia. Unfortunately, as tourist numbers decreased drastically during the last decade, many locals turned to fish farming. The still growing number of fish farms is apparently more then the lake can handle, with the water quality decreasing from year to year. More tourists are turned away, hence more fish farms pop up and so on...a vicious circle. Still, if you don't come for swimming, there are still many reasons to come here and support the local tourist infrastructure - while, if you care, at the same time contributing to the rising awareness about the ecological fiasco the lake is undergoing.
==Get in==
==Get around==
If you took the bus then there is not much to see when you arrive in front of the lake. If you have a motorbike, then you can go around the lake and enjoy the landscapes, it takes 2-3 hours. There are also some bicycles available for rent for 35.000 IDR. There are some possibilities for trekking. Lake Maninjau is deceptively cool. Bring sunblock.
* There's a nice waterfall by the mosque to the north of town Maninjau, but be careful, the steep way up can be slippery and small leeches can find their way to you. The way takes about 30 minutes.
* Swimming used to be great but by now (2015) it is virtually impossible to find a spot on the lake with decent water quality.
* <eat name="Cafe 44" address="By the lake, north of town Maninjau" phone="" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">Serves OK basic western and Indonesian food. Also has rooms for Rp. 40000</eat>
* <eat name="BOBO Coffee Shop" address="Jalan Moaro Pisanz, go from the main crossroad towards north, then after approx. 150 m left (after the ATM)" phone="+6285215010212" email="" fax="" hours="7:30am-9:00pm" price="Mains from Rp. 15.000" url="">If you are tired of the odd luke-warm chicken and fish aside the road, try the fresh food Linda and Zep are goomg to serve you at this very cosy and friendly place! They do offer all kinds of Western, Chinese and Indonesian food (great vegetarian choices!), and a lot of information! BUT, as the sign at the entrance sais: "No WiFi, just good food!" Still, if you want to go for the more exotic choices (meat, less common fruit,...) you should doublecheck the availability or order a day or so in advance. </eat>
*<sleep name="Cafe 44" directions="Turn right at the T junction, 500 metres down the road on the slight down hill." price="60k double room" checkout="12 pm">Family run beach front rooms offering great views and swimming on your doorstep. 5 rooms basic and clean, all had an outdoor covered area for sitting and admiring views. Rooms have lights, no power outlets (outlet was available in restaurant on request). Shared squat bathroom with cold water shower. Bed linen provided. The restaurant offers a good selection of delicious and reasonably priced food.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Muaro Beach Bungalows" alt="" address="" directions="about 5 mins walk from Maninjau town through a kampung (village) path, just follow the signs" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Bungalows from Rp. 5070.000 (June 10), the biggest was Rp. 180.000 (three beds; Aug 2012)">In a lush rustic setting near the lake. Has own restaurant by the edge of the lake. The bungalows are basic but ok, with private outside toilet and cold water shower. Friendly staff. There are ducklings to amuse kids as well as cats, dogs and wild monkeys. Compared to the other budget places which look run down, Muaro looks new. Rents out motorbikes (semi Rp. 60000, auto 75000 per day). Canoe hire are free for guests, and the beach is good for swimming.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Riak Danau " alt="" address="a bit further than Muaro, access is via a narrow path through a paddy field." directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">No bungalows, only rooms(50,000 Rp, Feb 09) but these are a spitting distance from the lake.</sleep>
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