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The '''Spreewald''' is a region in [[Brandenburg]] in the east of [[Germany]].
[[Image:Spreewald01.JPG|thumb|300px|Typical Spreewald atmosphere. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
The Spreewald (Spree Forest) is a protected UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1991. It includes low-lying areas in which the river Spree meanders in thousands of small waterways through meadows and forests. It is a beautiful, unique landscape about one hour south of [[Berlin]] and well worth a day trip or a weekend trip to relax from the buzzing city life.
Besides its beautiful nature, the Spreewald is home to one of the two recognized minorities in Germany, the Sorbs with their unique culture. Many old, traditional farmhouses along the waterways offer beautiful sights.
[[Image:Spreewald01.JPG|thumb|300px|Typical Spreewald atmosphere. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
* [[Lübbenau]]

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