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''' Omis Omiš''' is an old city located on the Adriatic Coast in [[Dalmatia]], [[Croatia]].
==Get in==
=== By Plane ===
Take a flight to the [ Split Airport] and then use a Bus service to get to Omis.
=== By plane === Take a flight to the [ Split Airport] and then use a Bus service to get to Omiš. === By bus === 
You can use services from frequent buses that come in and go from [[Split]], [[Makarska]], [[Sibenik]], [[Dubrovnik]], [[Rijeka]], [[Mostar]].
Local bus line 60 departs from Sukoišanska bus terminal in Split every 30 minutes. A one-way ticket to Omiš costs 20 kuna (available in bus), while a round-trip ticket costs 31 kuna and can be bought only at kiosks.
=== By taxi===
There is taxi-van service that can be used from Split and [[Makarska]].
=== By boat===
=== By Taxi===There is taxi-van a ferry service that can be used from Ancona, Italy. Take a ferry to the [ Port of Split ] and [[Makarska]]than use the bus to get to Omiš.
=== By Boat===There is a ferrie service from Ancona,Italy. Take a ferrie to the [ Port of Split] and than use the bus to get to Omis.There are local boats that run several times a day from Islands of [[Brac]], [[Hvar]], [[KorculaKorčula]] and [[Vis]]. Take them to Split and then use the bus or taxi service to get to OmisOmiš.
==Get around==
 You can get around the city by car, local taxi and bus service, or tourist trolley. You can also rent a bike or moped from tourist agencies. However most people find it sufficiently comfortable to get around on foot, because Omis Omiš is relatively small city. 
 * Visit the historic Churches of Omis.Omiš* Fortresses Mirabella and Fortica.* Beautiful city beach(Velika Plaza).* The city museum and harbour. 
 * Listen the [ Festival of Dalmatian Klapas]. * Participate in summertime activities the Fishing Nights, Crazy Dives and Pirats Pirates Nights. * Take a trip up to the canyon of Cetina* Go for [ rafting] on the beautiful river of Cetina. * Take a ferrie ferry trips to the islands of Brac and Hvar. * Go and visit the city of Makarska, Split, Solin and Trogir and enjoy the beaty beauty of old architecture.  * Visit surrounding places (Nemira, Stanici, Lokva, Duce, Dugi Rat) * Go to the basketball, soccer, and water polo games * Do canyoning in Zadvarje (30 km from Omis) 
 * Traditional folklore clothes.* Omis' Omiš post cards.* Hand made Handmade sculptures with city simbols. symbols* Traditional Croatian schnaps
 * Try Dalmatinski Prsut-Dalmatian smoked ham (ham smoked and dry on specific way). * Fritule and Krostule (home made cookies). * Jela ispod peke ( meals prepared 0n in the traditional way in at the local restaurants). * Local seesea-food specialtiesRestaurant"Puljiz" old town: fresh fish,lobsters,steaks,not expencive,long tradition,terace,always fresh food
 * Rakija, : hard alcohol made either from grapes or plums. * Prosek: sweet liquorRestaurant"Puljiz" old town: fresh fish,lobsters, sweet liqour.steaks 
* There are apartments for rent located all over the city that are relatively inexpensive.
==Get out==
* Visit sorrounding places (Nemira, Stanici, Lokva, Duce, Dugi Rat).* Take a trip up to the canyon of Cetina.* Go to the basketball, soccer and waterpolo games. {{outline}}[[Ruskamen]]{{isIn|Dalmatia}}

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