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Fiji and Upright
:While we should be able to specify different image sizes when necessary, I do think our policy and help pages should continue to discourage editors from forcing readers to view images at a particular size without good reason. Why wouldn't we want to give travellers the opportunity to choose the image size that is most useful to them, eg for their current device or internet connection? It's [ accepted as good practice], and I don't see why Wikitravel's readers should be given any less consideration. Where larger sized images are needed, I think we should generally encourage the use of "upright=factor" over exact sizes in pixels (as [ is made clear here]), to allow travellers' preferences to affect those images too. --[[User:Babaying balikbayan|Babaying balikbayan]] ([[User talk:Babaying balikbayan|talk]]) 22:00, 3 February 2015 (EST)
::Thanks for your swift reply. This actually isn't about being new or being inconsiderate towards our users. The admin team and I are working on a few upcoming projects and we simply haven't had time to give the upright function the thorough review it deserves and px is working fine at the moment. That's it. We've warned other accounts about using the upright function so here's a formal note - it will count as vandalism and eventually lead to blocking your account. [[User:IBcaldera|IBcaldera]] ([[User talk:IBcaldera|talk]]) 14:27, 4 February 2015 (EST)

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