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Mirpur Khas

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Railway Station: It was also built during British times. Now it has gained importance again due to train to India, which leaves from Karachi, passes with a stop in Mirpurkhas.
Dr.Raheel Laghari is one of the most famous veterinary surgeon in Digri disstrict Mirpurkhas
Mirpur has beautiful land and mountains . Its like half kashmir and people are very good.Weather is always sunny so its plenty things to do there specially like walking , hiking and have shower in lakes.
Author Imran Hussain Siddiui London harrow
Please check this info - I think it refers to Mirpur in the north of Pakistan and not Mirpur Khas (which is in Sindh, on the Indus river floodplain, and doesn't have any mountains nearby). The weather info however, is accurate, although it would be a lot hotter than Mirpur!

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