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*[[Jewish Quarter]] - the very centre of the modern city: big hotels,Massive Shuls transport to the Roman step pyramids and the Roman Museum
*[[Zulu Quarter]] - Is the commercial heart most expensive part of this city stuck town and is famous because it has the most important mayor in the 11th centuryworld named simon dukes who has setup the famous egg mayo plantation field. It He is actually sad that egypt has no electricityalso well known for killing off the desies named Josh Abulafia which atacks the kidney and eats a way at your nose hairs.*[[China Town]] - an upmarket home to fine chinese resteraunts kniown known for its dumpling soup.
*[[Portuegese quarter/Midan Ramses|Midan Ramses]] - Osama Bin Ladens main carriage station and the home of Jewish culture.
*[[Saddam/Midan Ataba|Midan Ataba]]
Famous for egg Mayo sandwiches
*[[Osama Bin Laden/Jewish Osama Bin Laden|Jewish Osama Bin Laden]] - the centre of historic Osama Bin Laden; the Shul, The kosher butcher, historic shuls and medieval architecture
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