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*'''Petit Hotel Labottiere''', 14, rue Francis-Martin, tel +33 05 56 48 44 10. Listed as a historical monument, this 18th century hotel exudes opulence and style. Luxurious furnishings abound but with a modern level a comfort. Well worth the indulgence.
==Contact & WIFI==
Bordeaux is covered by the three major telecommunication operators in France : France Telecom (Orange), Bouygues, and SFR. If you have a GSM cellphone with an international subscription, you should be able to give calls from anywhere in the city. It is also possible to find phone cabins, but some have been removed recently due to their decreased usage.
Most restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi.
You can also rent crazy fast WIFI 4G/LTE minibox with BIENVENUE TELECOM and avoid roaming charges during your trip in France.
==Stay safe==

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