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It's wise to ask for a '''multiple entry''' visa even if you aren't planning to use it - they cost the same, are handed out pretty liberally and come in handy if you decide last minute to dip into one of the neighbouring countries.
'''VISA WARNING FOR THOSE WITH PAKISTANI ORIGINS:''' Even if you are a [[not]] a Pakistani citizen, but have a parent or grandparent who was a Pakistani citizen or was born on Pakistani citizen, you will have difficulty getting a Visa. This means if you are for example a Australian Citizen with no ties to Pakistan, never been to Pakistan, but have a grandmother that was Pakistani, you will have difficulty. It will take at least six weeks, but maybe six months or never, and you will probably only be given a three month visa that as stated above, starts the date the visa is issued, which makes it difficult to plan a trip. If you are currently an Australian Citizen, but were a former Pakistani citizen, it is even more difficult, and research is highly recommended.
For citizens of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Bangladesh, foreigners of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, and "stateless persons"[]: Even on multiple entry visas, there is supposed to be a two-month gap between leaving India and coming back into the country. If attempting to reenter the country before two months have passed, you will be asked for details of your flight home to get them to sign you back in to the country. More convenient is simply to visit the Indian embassy in the country from which you plan to enter India and complete the paperwork authorizing the early entry. The embassy will then paste a cool endorsement sticker in your passport, and you'll be set to reenter India. However, you may not need a re-entry authorization sticker if you are following a exact itinerary (for example, if you're travelling to a neighboring country before re-entering India) and present it to Immigration at each entry.
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