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Pontevedra (city)

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Although Vigo, in the Southeastern corner of the province, is a far larger city, Pontevedra is beautifully picturesque and unsurpassed in the province for its historical and artistic importance. The Rias Bajas (Rias Baixas) coastal region has an abundance of natural beauty (mountains, green hills, rivers, lakes, estuaries, and seashores). The old city center is well preserved and contains numerous historic buildings and monuments. Pontevedra is proud of its cultural and natural heritage.
The city itself is built on a hill, with some streets sloping down toward the Lérez River. The majority of the town city occupies the south bank of the river, although it has spread out in all directions in recent years.
* La Capilla de la Peregrina: This very ornate old chapel's bells chime the hours. According to tradition, the Virgin Peregrina guided pilgrims who disembarked in Baiona on their way to Compostela. It was built at the end of the 18th century and has a scallop shell base. It features two styles: Baroque and Neoclassical. In the center of the church, there is an impressive altarpiece with the image of the Virgen Peregrina. The font with holy water is an enormous shell brought from the Pacific Ocean.
* La Basílica de Santa María la Mayor: There are some a lot of interesting sculptures on the facade around the portal.
* La Iglesia de Santo Domingo: These medieval ruins date from the 1300s and form part of the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra.

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