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'''Alingsås''' [] is a city with about 20,000 inhabitants in the region [[Västergötland]] in [[Sweden]] . It is known for its many cafés and as the birthplace of Jonas Ahlströmer Alströmer - "the man who brought the potato to Sweden".
==Get in==
===By train===
There is [ Västtrafik] runs '''commuter trains going ''' to Alingsås from [[Gothenburg]] . The train takes about 40 minutes and runs up to Alingsåstwice an hour. The ticket costs around 75-80 SEK one way. [http://www.sjYou se SJ] can go take you to Alingsås from the rest of Sweden. The fastest train from [[Stockholm]] in is the '''X 2000''' which takes 2h 40 min with the high speed train X2000(stops in [[Katrineholm]] and [[Skövde]]).
===By bus===
*[ Swebus Express] makes a stop in Alingsås (Götaplan) with the bus line [[Gothenburg]]-[[Mariestad]]-[[Örebro]]-[[Stockholm]] up to four times a day.
===By bus===*Public transport buses [] take you to Alingsås from (among others) [[Borås]], [[Trollhättan]] and [[Herrljunga]].
===By car===
The european route '''E20''' passes through Alingsås on its way to [[Stockholm]] from [[Gothenburg]].
==Get around==
If you don't like walking, you can always use public transport []. The main bus hub is Alingsåsterminalen.
*'''Nolhaga slott''' and park []. A nice park in the middle of Alingsås that features a zoo with (mainly) farm animals.
*'''Lights in Alingsås''' is held in october. Light designers illuminate public spaces in exciting ways for everyone to see.
*'''Balders hage''', Drottninggatan 25, ''+46'' 322 - 181 85. Shop with nice and traditional home decorating items. Also has a café.
Visit one of Alingsås' cafés. A sign to keep a lookout for is "Gratis påtår" which means that a free refill of coffee is included.
* '''STF Alingsås Vandrarhem Plantaget''', Nyebrogatan, ''+46'' 322-63 69 87.* '''First Hotel Grand Alingsås''' [], Bankgatan 1, ''+46'' 322-67 01 00.
==Get out==
* '''Anten - Gräfsnäs Vintage Railroad''' [] is a well preserved vintage railroad line running along the lake Anten not far from Alingsås. With It has a lenght length of 12 km, it and runs during the summer months (check . Check web site for time table).*'''Gräfsnäs slottsruin'''. A castle ruin and park situated by the lake Anten. There's also a beach if you're in the mood for swimming.*'''Brobacka''' is a nice natural reserve just north of the lake Mjörn where you can see ''jättegrytor'' - traces of the last ice age.
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