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==Get in==
There is a small airport with domestic fights only. There are two train stations: the main train station which is located in the city center (Tangshan Station; 唐山火车站 ''Tángshān Huǒchē Zhàn'') and the other train station (Tangshan North; 唐山北 ''Tángshān Běi'') in Fengrun, located roughly 24 kilometers from the city center. You can take bus 114 to Fengrun's bus station stop (汽车站 ''qìchē zhàn'') for 3RMB¥3, and from there take a tuk tuk for no more than 5RMB ¥5 to the train station. The intercity bus service is also a viable option for traveling to nearby cities such as Beijing or Tianjin, the price for the bus is usually 60RMB ¥60 and the bus terminal is located roughly in front of Tangshan Station.
The city buses' fares are usually 1RMB ¥1 or 2RMB¥2. Public bus transportation stops running after 921:30PM30.
==Get around==
===Fengrun District (丰润区)===
[[Image:100 5499.JPG|thumb|Palace at the Cao Xueqin Park]]
*'''Cao Xueqin Park''' ( 曹雪芹公园 ''Cáo Xuěqín Gōngyuán'') - Fengrun claims to be the birthplace of the famous writer Cao Xueqin (曹雪芹), most well-known for his work 'Dream of the Red Chamber' (红楼梦 - Hóng Lóu Mèng). Within the park is a statue of Cao Xueqin, a large, newly constructed palace, a river where you can rent a paddleboat, and a square for dancing. For residents of Fengrun, this is the place to go at night - activities range from dancing, whipping, jump rope, and rollerblading (in summer). In winter, you can skate on the ice or ride a vehicle on the frozen river.
[[Image:101 0147.JPG|thumb|Temple Pagoda]]
*'''Temple Pagoda''' (天宫寺塔 ''Tiāngōng Sìtǎ'') - originally built in 1055 and restored a number of times over the years, this sleek, 24 meter tall Buddhist pagoda is now at the center of a park. During the summer nights, the area is particularly lively with lots of outdoor KTVs and street food vendors. Located near the long distance bus station.
*'''Thousand Buddha Mountain''' (千佛山 ''Qian Fo Shan'') - a surprisingly scenic and newly built Buddhist monastery covered over a large area. The main attraction of the monastery are four Thousand Handed Buddha statuesas well as a reclining Buddha, which is rare in China. Arrive early and enjoy a free, vegetarian lunch in silence with the monks at 11AM everyday. Address: 唐山市丰润区千佛山 (''Tángshān shì fēngrùn qū qiān foshān'')
*'''Qingming River Scene Recreation''' (麻龙湾清明上河图泥塑园 ''Má Lóngwān Qīngmíng Shànghétú Nísù Yuán'') - a real life recreation of the famous painting 'Riverside Scene During Qingming Festival' with over 200 life-sized clay sculptures.
*'''Panjiayu Massacre Memorial Hall''' (潘家峪惨案纪念馆 ''Pānjiāyù Cǎn'àn Jìniànguǎn'') - a museum dedicated to the tragic massacre inflicted by the Japanese soldiers on the Panjiayu villagers during Chinese New Year's in 1941.
===Zunhua City (遵化市)===
*'''Eastern Qing Tombs''' (清东陵 ''Qīngdōnglíng'') - located in Zunhua County (遵化 - Zūnhuà), this is the biggest attraction in the greater Tangshan area. One of China's UNESCO World Heritage sites, contained within are well-preserved mausoleums of Qing dynasty rulers. Expect to spend an entire day here because it's absolutely massive; the distance between all the mausoleums is so great you have to ride in what is basically a large golf cart to get around. Closes around Open from 8AM to 5:30PM. Ticket price is 160 kuai.*'''Ten Thousand Buddhas Park''' (万佛园 ''Wàn Fo Yuán'') - built in 1997 and located near the Eastern Qing Tombs, this temple complex combines the cultures of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism all in one, as well as boasting 'modern garden art'. Phone number: 4000-899-888.*'''Great Wall Hunting Grounds''' (长城狩猎场 ''Chángchéng Shòuliè Chǎng'') - located roughly 40 kilometers north of the Zunhua's city center, this is a part of the Great Wall where you can supposedly go hunting, but in actuality the animals are quite scarce. Phone number: 0315-6080017.
===Qianxi County (迁西县)===
*'''Jingzhong Mountain''' (景中山 ''Jǐngzhōngshān'') - a holy mountain and provincial level forest park, it reaches a height of 610 meters above sea level. Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist temples are on the mountain, some of which can be traced back to the Song dynasty. There are festivals every year on the lunar calendar dates of April 18th and October 15th.*'''Xifengkou Great Wall''' (喜峰口长城 ''Xǐfēngkǒu Chángchéng'')- from the Qian Xi bus station, it's roughly 47 kilometers to the Xifengkou Great Wall. Best bet is to hire a taxi for the day, expect to pay 300 kuai including the driver's waiting time. Xifengkou" waterways" said Lin Lan passCompleted in 1452, song, Liao, Jin said pine Pavilion shut. According to legend, there this section of the wall was one long he does not return, his father Quartet search, coincided with also the stage of a battle between the child to meet here, Chinese and hold the laugh die of joy, was buried here, so named happy event meet exportJapanese in 1933.[[Image:100 9972.</see>JPG|thumb|Panjiakou Great Wall]] *'''Panjiakou Great Wall''' (潘家口长城 ''Pānjiākǒu Chángchéng'') - this is the famous 'Great Wall underwater'. Go on a boat ride to look at the remains of the Great Wall along the mountains as well as trek up one short, albeit unkempt section of the wall. Located in Qian Xi county, roughly 40 kilometers from the Qian Xi long distance bus station. Ticket for the boat ride is 30 kuai.
*'''Qing Shanguan Great Wall''' (青山关长城 ''Qīngshānguān Chángchéng'') - located in Qian Xi county.
*'''Li Dazhao Memorial Hall and Former Residence''' - One of the founders of the Chinese Communisty party, Li Dazhao, was born in Laoting. There are two places to visit - the Memorial Hall (''Jìniànguǎn'' 纪念馆) is not too far from the bus station, maybe 10 kuai for a taxi ride. Li Dazhao's former residence (''Gùjū'' 故居) is located roughly 18 kilometers from the bus station, in Daiheituo Village.
*'''Moon Island''' (月坨岛 ''Yuètuódǎo'') - The Moon Island is located in the Bohai Sea. A boat ride to the island is 135 kuai, and a night on the island itself is between 500 and 600 kuai. An exciting alternative to the beaches of Qinhuangdao, at least.
* <see name="'''Repulse Bay" alt="''' (浅水湾"( ''Qiǎnshuǐwān'') address="" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="0315-2921900" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">if for some reason there are no boats going to the Moon Island, then there's always the beach at Repulse Bay. Roughly 25 kilometers from the center of Laoting, take the bus to Jingtang Port (京唐港) and from there a taxi to the beach should cost 20 kuai</see>*''''''.
===Tanghai County (唐海县)===
'''CS Outdoor Laser Tag (Chinese name: 弯道山真人CS)''' - good fun for a big group of people looking to kill an afternoon. You're given two hours split among a variety of large, outside locales decked out in military uniforms and big laser tag guns. Mosquito repellent is a must during summertime. Recommended to book a day in advance, and be aware that none of the employees speak English. Telephone: 0315-8373339,18731567117 Address: 路北区缸窑路92号弯道山公园 Hours: 08:00-17:00
'''Lee's Bar''' - local expat hangout; not only for owned by a Japanese man who can speak some English speakers, as I have seen Japanese frequent there as well. Beer Atmosphere is laid back and a pint of beer can be expensive but if you want to retreat to a safety bubble with your fellow lao wai, this is the placecost 20RMB.
'''Latte Pub''' This is your typical Chinese Dance club, playing a lot of Techno and Pop Mixes. Something to note though, Latter Pub provides free drinks to foreigners usually in the form of a few bottles of beer, a bottle of liquor and a fruit platter. Latter Pub can be found in the San Lee building opposite the Tangshan Department Store
*<sleep name="Tangshan InterContinental Hotel" alt="北京唐山大厦" address="45 Ciyun Temple (Ciyun Si), Chaoyang District11 Wenhua Rd" directions="" phone="+86 315 5783333" url="" checkin="14:00" checkout="12:00" price="" lat="" long="">Tangshan Hotel is located near Sihui Bridge, the CBD area of Beijing, adjacent to East Chang’an Street and the Fourth Ring Road. It only takes 10 minutes to the subway line 1 Sihui Station, and 20 minutes to the capital airport.</sleep>  ==Contact==
==Get out==

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