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[[Image:Grand theatre Bordeaux.jpg|thumb|300px|Grand Théâtre]]
You'll be raising your glass many times in '''Bordeaux''', which is renowned for its wines, considered amongst the best in the world. As the capital of the department [[Gironde]] in the region [[Aquitaine]], it has one million inhabitants in its metropolitan area at a 2008 estimate. After years of neglect, the former wet docks are the country's new hot spot, with a number of cafés, gardens, and museums springing up all the time. A lively university community of over 60,000, (Bordeaux Campus is the largest in [[France]]) establishes that Bordeaux is about more than just wine.
You can also take public transit (1.40€) from the airport to downtown. After you exit the airport "Arrivals" section, walk to the right and you will see a bus stop for route Number 1. This bus will take you directly to Gambetta (a short walk from the Hotel de Ville), or you can get off at "Lycée Mérignac" and take tramline A to the city centre.
===By train===
The main train station ('''Gare Saint Jean''') is located about 4km from the center of town. Several trains per day (around one every two hours) go north (to [[Paris]], about 3 hours, 25 trains a day , [[Angoulême]], [[Poitiers]]), south (to [[Toulouse]], [[Marseille]], [[Montpellier]] (about 4 to 5 hours), up to [[Nice]]), and east (to [[Périgueux]] and [[Clermont-Ferrand]]).
Buses, trams and taxis leave from in-front of the station. Take Tram C to get to downtown if you are going to the more northern part, or a bus if you are going to the area around ''Place de la Victoire''.
===By car===
You can reach Bordeaux by car from the north (taking the '''A10 highway or N10'''), south (taking the '''A63 highway'''), and east. A beltway goes around the city.
If possible, avoid driving between 8-10AM and 4-7PM, as the beltway is usually overcrowded.
===By bus===
Long-distance buses seem to stop southeast of the train station along Rue des Terres de Borde by the rental car parking lots. Eurolines [] provide bus service to the city -- confirm the location of the stop on your tickets and with the somewhat surly staff at the Eurolines ticket sales office (across the street from the main entrance of Gare Saint-Jean).
If you're travelling with bikes European Bike Express [] run a route from north of [[Leeds]], stopping through the UK to [[Dover]] and then on towards [[Bayonne (France)|Bayonne]] via Bordeaux. Passengers normally travel from the UK to Europe.
===By taxi===
Taxi providers offer service to and from the airport. For taxi services, you can go directly to Bordeaux Airport taxi rank or make an advance booking with one of the companies.
==Get around==
[[Image:Bordeauxlawntrack.jpg|thumb|Tramway in Bordeaux]]
Bordeaux is quite a big city; however, most of the interesting attractions are in the town center. It is '''not''' recommended that visitors drive as it is always a hassle to park (and car parks are expensive), and there are often traffic jams in the narrow, old streets of the city.
The most interesting way to explore the city is by walking. As most of the town center is a ''''pedestrian area'''', this is easy to do. If you like sports, you can rent roller-skates or a bike (see below) or you can make your way in town using the various bus lines. A small ferry boat permits to go from the western shore of the river to the eastern shore, and vice-versa.
Three efficient tramway lines are also available (A, B, and C), tickets cost 1.40€ and covers unlimited journeys within one hour of validation.
===By bus===
The bus network is organized around a few main places, where it is possible to take buses to almost every destination in the city :
* Gare Saint-Jean (railway station, bus lines going to town center, university, and north of town, TBC agency),
* Place de la Victoire (bus lines going to town center, to the railway station, to the University, north and south-west of town,
* Place Gambetta (bus lines going to la Victoire, the railway station, west, north-west, north of town, TBC agency ).
* Quinconces (TBC agency).
Single fare tickets (1.40 €) can be purchased from the driver on the bus although you shouldn't expect to receive change. The best thing to do is buy packages of 5/10 tickets for 5.90/11.30€ or a daily/weekly pass for 4.30/11.30€ from TBC Agencies (French: Espace TBC) at Gare Saint-Jean, Gambetta and Quinconces, all trips are good for one hour of unlimited transfers - you must validate your ticket each time you change buses/trams. You can also purchase these tickets from the automated machines at the tramway stops, all machines will accept coins and some of them will accept chip debit/credit cards. To qualify for the reduced student price of 6.30€ for 10 trips you need to be a student IN Bordeaux and purchase an ID card (July 2010).
If you are driving a car note that TBC offers parking (called Parc-relais) included in the fare at specific tram stations. []
''Avoid the buses on peak hours (8-10AM, 4-7PM)'' as the town center is usually totally jammed (and cars often block bus tracks), and buses are overcrowded.
===By ferry===
''Le Bus du Fleuve'', as it is called, links the western and eastern parts of the city by a small cruise on the river. It is managed by the CGFTE, and you can therefore ride the ferry using a standard bus ticket. The bus goes from the Southern part of Quai Richelieu to the Place Aristide Briand, very close to the Aquitaine Bridge (one of the must-see in Bordeaux).
===By electric bus and tramway===
A new tramway [] serves the town, crossing the [[Garonne]] via the [[Pont de Pierre]]. A distinctive feature of the tramway is that within the inner city, it has no overhead wires as it utilizes ground-level power supply system.
The electric bus, called ''la navette du centre-ville'', is the only public transportation on pedestrian roads. There are no bus stops for this one: to board an electric bus, wave your hand to the driver - he will stop the bus and let you on. When you want to go out, just tell the driver.
All the maps, fares and times are on the TBC Web site (in French) []. Also, maps and times can be easily accessed with Google Maps, just select route "By public transit" when getting directions.
===By Bicycle===
As was mentioned previously Bordeaux is very flat and has lots of bike lanes so it is very easy to get around the city by bicycle. The city has recently (February 2010) added a city-wide bike sharing program called VCUB [](similar to Vélib in Paris), it is a cheap and easy way to see the city although the requirement to put down a 200€ deposit before taking a bike might cause problems if you do not have a bank/credit card that works well with the system. A daily or weekly subscription is 1 or 5€, respectively and each usage is free provided you do not go over 30 minutes (you can just return the bike and take out a new one).
[[Image:Abbatiale SteCroix Bordeaux abside.jpg|thumb|Abbatiale Ste Croix]]
Bordeaux is a historic city with many tourist attractions. The main districts are briefly presented here, which are listed according to their distance from the railway station.
*<do name="Musée du Vin et du Négoce" alt="" address="41 rue Borie 333000 Bordeaux" directions="down a narrow street, tram stop: Chartrons" phone="0556901913" url="" hours="10am-6pm" price="5-7 euros" lat="" long="">The petit Museum of Bordeaux Wine and Trade takes place in the building of a old wine merchant. Visitors can discover the history of the wine trade with artifacts, videos and a guided tour (by reservation) followed by a personal wine tasting and presentation of wines of the region by one of the multilingual staff.</do>
Football (soccer) is a very popular sport in Bordeaux, as the F.C. Girondins, the football club, is one of the best in France (avoid talking football in the city, it's another sensitive subject). Tickets for almost every game are easy to come by and can be purchased before the match at the ticket office 'Place Johnstone' at the South West corner of the stadium or on the evening of the game at the turnstiles. Games against main rivals Marseille will sell out well in advance as will the fixtures against PSG, Lyon and usually St Etienne so don't travel without a ticket for one of these games. Expect to pay anything between 9 euros for the Virages Nord and Sud (behind the goals) to a maximum of 80 euros for the exclusive Presidential Suite.
The Virage Sud is an amazing experience for any football fan but be warned that everyone stands up on the seats, your view may be restricted by an impressive array of flags and they have a habit of lighting flares frequently during the match.
Despite the locals being extremely loud and passionate in their support, there are very few safety problems helped partially by the small numbers of travelling fans. In the past few seasons, there have been some clashes against supporters of Marseille and PSG but the vast majority of games end peacefully with both sets of fans mixing on the tram back to the city.
Explore the city on wheels as Bordeaux is a very nice city for practising roller-skating (or roller-blading) and other "skating sports".
Other sports that enjoy some support in Bordeaux include ice hockey, handball and rugby. The two Bordeaux rugby clubs Stade Bordelais and Begles merged in 2006 to form Union CABBG. The club plays in the second tier of Frances national leagues and usually plays its home games and Stade Andre Moga in the suburb of Begles. Tickets for the seated stands are 10 euros.
Bordeaux Cricket Club are the vice champions of France and play regularly at Château Giscours in Médoc. Attendance is free and greatly encouraged.
===Taste wine===
There are many tour operators for this region of France. They can organise your complete tour (including travel to and from Bordeaux and France) or they can arrange visits to wineries and château for you.
Bordeaux is a great city for learning- to learn a bit about French culture, consider visiting cinemas such as Utopia [] or going to the city library in Meriadeck.
If you're interested in wine, don't hesitate to visit wine resellers north of Gambetta or Les Quinconces.
The Bordeaux University [], located a few kilometers south of town, offers a wide variety of courses, from science to humanities, from beginner classes to high-level research. The laboratories are among the best in France. It is possible to take French courses there in the summer, with Erasmus students. The DEFLE [] (Department for the study of French as a foreign language) is attached to Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux III. It offers both semester and vacation courses in French for foreign students.
* <listing name="Franglish" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="(0)7 60 47 30 20" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" tags="">French/English Language Exchange event in France and in the UK, every week in some of the best venues across Bordeaux. Practice your French while having a good time meeting locals. Discover the format of 14 minutes one-to-one conversations (7min in French, 7 min in English). </listing> [ Website FRANGLISH]
There are many different jobs available in Bordeaux which can primarily be seen through
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