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'''Tunxi''' is in [[Anhui]] Province in [[China]]. In itself it is of minor interest but it makes a good base for exploring the area including [[Huangshan]] Scenic Area.
The most cited tourist destination is Laojie (old street with lots of souvenir shopping). This street is over commercialized but it can be entertaining if you need to kill time before leaving town.
Daizhen Park is a pleasant place to wander for a couple of hours. There is an entrance just north of the western end of Old Street, from where a long winding path will take you through woodland before coming to a large lake with picturesque bridges.
* '''[[Xidi]]''' Water village. Some very nice restaurants and rustic inns you can stay in (preferable to Tunxi).
* After visiting Huangshan you can probably get a bus back to Hangzhou or other cities directly from the Huangshan Scenic Area. If you leave from Tunxi there are buses to major destinations such as Hangzhou and Shanghai at least 3-4 per day. The city of Huangshan has a timetable online, but it isn't necessarily accurate. When buying a ticket make sure your bus is taking the highway directly to your destination. For example the 7:40am bus to Nanjing will take about 8 hours with frequent stops arriving around the same time as the 12:40pm bus which takes about 4 hours according to other riders.
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