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Huashan National Park

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Get around
1) Climb the North Peak--main route. Plan for 2-5 hours depending on fitness (Approximately 6km with 1100m vertical) to reach the North Peak. There will be plenty of shops by the side of the path selling food and drinks for you to replenish your energy. Eating hot noodles in the cold will be a very pleasant experience.
2) Take a cable car (80 yuan one way, 150 yuan for a return) to the North Peak, (150 140 yuan one way, 280 yuan for a return) to the West Peak. Be warned - the line to enter the North Peak cable car often last over two hours (weekends, public holidays) - so try to arrive early. Thankfully, line cutting is surprisingly rare, and most of the line is blocked from the sun and with water misting, so sans boredom, it's still fairly comfortable even in summer. The North Peak cable car starts at West Gate (shuttles available from Ticket hall 20 Yuan).
3) Climb the North Peak--alternate route below the North Peak cable car (West Gate). Called "Solider's Way" - it's the more difficult, but faster of the two hiking routes. This takes an estimated 2 hours, and is nothing but steps. It also contains one section with ''optional'' ~80 degree steps, for those who have seen the famous photos online. The steepest steps on the mountain (approaching 90 degrees) are also here, though now chained off in favor of a far more forgiving route.

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