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Huashan National Park

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Get around: Tidied up and consolidated a lot of wrong, out of date, and contradictory statements
==Get around==
The buses from Xian Tourist line 1 bus will eventually drop you off in at the villagemain Ticket Hall (after 1 stop elsewhere). From here, Go into the only option is hall to buy your tickets. If you wish to walk the "Long Way" this starts at East Gate, take a taxi your ticket back to the Number 2 bus park (typically ¥10 per taxiwhere you got off) and show the ticket to the gold shuttle buses, regardless they will take you to the start of number of passengers) the trail. If you wish to walk the "Soldiers Way" or take the East North Peak Gondola, these start at West Gate, which is by a 20 Yuan shuttle pass at the ticket officehall find the same gold shuttles to get you there. Buy your For West Peak Gondola buy a 40 yuan shuttle pass. For buses that end in the village walk up the hill to the temple, walk through the temple to eventually find East Gate where you can buy an entrance tickets hereticket to walk up. (Shuttles stop at the parking lot on the right behind the "supermarket" just before the temple, then board buses that depart it may be possible to use them to get to the mountain itselfmain ticket hall). However A Taxi to the main ticket hall from the village is typically ¥10. The East Gate will be closed at night, thus if you are planning to climb overnight, proceed to the the West Gate. After the bus from the ticket office (20yuan) deposits you at the mountain proper, you have 3 options for ascending the first bit. Note that all start, and finish, almost right next one another.
Watch out for scams, especially if you are planning to climb the mountain overnight to watch sunrise at the East Peak. The only transportation available then are cabs. There will also be unofficial "cabs" (basically normal cars operated by locals) called hei che (black cars) parked near the train station. Drivers will approach you offering to bring you to the entrance for a price of around 30 yuan. On the way, if it has rained recently, they will claim that there was been a slight erosion which has caused a blockage of the paths and thus closure of the entrances. To make the story sound more convincing, some may even pretend to call their "brother" or "friend" on the mountain who will then speak to you to confirm that the roads have been closed. If the weather is good, the driver will claim that the roads are under maintenance. Knowing that you would need a visual confirmation to be fully convinced, the driver will then take you to the East Gate, which is always closed at night. At that crucial moment where you are thinking to yourself that your plans have been spoilt, he will recommend that you stay in a hotel before attempting the climb the next morning, and very conveniently, there will be an "affordable" hotel right next to the entrance, which he will point out. If he succeeds in getting you to fork out money to stay the night, he will earn a commission.
1) Climb the North Peak--main route. Plan for more than four 2-5 hours depending on fitness (Approximately 6km with 1100m vertical) to reach the North Peak. There will be plenty of shops by the side of the path selling food and drinks for you to replenish your energy. Eating hot noodles in the cold will be a very pleasant experience.
2) Take the a cable car (80 yuan one way, 150 yuan for a return) to the North Peak, (150 yuan one way, 280 yuan for a return) to the West Peak. Be warned - the line to enter the North Peak cable car often last over two hours (weekends, public holidays) - so try to arrive early. Thankfully, line cutting is surprisingly rare, and most of the line is blocked from the sun and with water misting, so sans boredom, it's still fairly comfortable even in summer. The North Peak cable car is only starts at West Gate (shuttles available from the East GateTicket hall 20 Yuan).
3) Climb the North Peak--alternate route below the North Peak cable car(West Gate). Called "Solider's Way" - it's the more difficult, but faster of the two hiking routes. This takes an estimated 2 hours, and is nothing but steps. It also contains one section with ''optional'' ~80 degree steps, for those who have seen the famous photos online. The steepest steps on the mountain (approaching 90 degrees) are also here, though now chained off in favor of a far more forgiving route.
These three routes meet up again just below the North Peak summit. One can of course, take any of the 3 routes up, and then either of the other two remaining down.

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