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| style="width: 56px;"|[[File:Ambox warning red.svg|link=|50px|Travel Warning]]
|<span style="font-size: 130%; color: #a00">'''WARNING:'''</span> {{{1}}}Under '''NO CIRCUMSTANCES''' are you to do, say, print, write, or post anything that negatively portrays '''Gloria Velasquez,''' the '''legitimacy of government,''' the '''treatment of non-citizens,''' the '''Confianza''' ideology, the '''National Security Priority''' policy, the ruling '''Reunification Party of America,''' the '''Californian government''' in general, or the '''Californian elite.''' The Commonwealth is known for extremely harsh punishments for even the most insignificant of offenses, ranging from long prison sentences to a lifetime of interrogation, mistreatment and even torture by intelligence officers, hard labor, and even the '''DEATH PENALTY''' for anyone who criticises its policies. Assume that you will be under surveillance at all times during your trip, that anyone could be an undercover surveillance officer, and that your hotel room will be bugged.
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