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Mayan Riviera

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'''The Mayan Riviera''' is comprised of the area just south of the tip of the [[Yucatan Peninsula]] in [[Mexico]]. It stretches along 75 miles of the Mexican Caribbean coastline in the southeastern part of of the Yucatan Peninsula. Weather The weather is ideal, ; beautiful white sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue waters make for a perfect vacation destination. The term ''Riviera Maya'' is fairly new and has varied definitions, but it starts approx. approximately 10 miles south of Cancun at the seaside village of [[Puerto Morelos]] and includes places like Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal , and Tulum. It ends at the town of [[Carrillo Puerto]].
*'''Xel-Ha''' [] is an ecological theme park or natural aquarium. Here you can swim with dolphins, see sea turtles, bicycle, snorkel, cliff-dive, and scuba. If you choose to scuba you will get to pet stingrays and see larger fish. This park is quite large, so bring good shoes to walk up river, you bag your dry belongings and they will be driven back to the main area. There is a buffet restaurant and free drinks as part of the park entry-fee, as well as snorkel equipment and rafts.
* '''Xplor''', []. This nature park has a number of limestone caves, grottos , and underground rivers for exploring on foot, on rafts, in amphibious vehicles, or by swimming. There are also some above-ground adventures to be had, including a 1.8-mile-long adventure whizzing you through the trees on 11 ziplines.
*'''Aviario Xaman-Ha''' [] is a beautiful Aviary where you will find different species, not just birds, other animal species like the butterflies, iguanas, turtles and small mammals. The animals and plants that live here are in their natural habitat and they live in semi-captivity. There are endemic, threatened and endangered species.
The majority of the swimming is done at pools located at the resorts. If you venture into the water along the shore, be prepared for large waves and rip-tides. It is not uncommon for there to be ''no'' lifeguards at the beach. The ''eco-parks'' tend to have better areas for one to swim, unless you prefer a pool. They are located in sheltered bays, with clear, clean water.
One should take care when driving, as you will be sharing the road with cars, trucks, cattle , and people. Take care and use caution and you should be fine. Driving after dark is a bad idea. Too ; there are too many ways to have problems! The Policia are friendly, so treat them with respect. Plan on being stopped at state borders and your vehicle may be searched. Just go along with it. The Federal Police, a/k/a Federales , patrol the area and they are a serious bunch. Be polite with them and do not photograph them, any military vehicles , or establishments.
Due to problems in the past, ''spring breakers'' are not the favorite visitors with law enforcement. Don't push their buttons. Behave like an adult and you will have few problems. Behave like a drunken fool, and you may regret it, for a long time. Same The same goes for most places.
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