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Get in
'''{{pagebanner|Myawaddy''' (also sometimes spelt Myawaddi, Myawadi or Myawady) is a border town in [[Myanmar]]. Access for foreigners is currently only possible from [[Mae Sot]] in [[Tak (province)|Tak Province]], [[Thailand]], though this is set to change in a few years timeBanner. jpg}}
[[Image:Myawaddypagodas.jpg|thumb|240px|Pagodas by Buddhist temple in Myawaddy]]
== Understand =='''Myawaddy''' (also sometimes spelt Myawaddi, Myawadi or Myawady) is a border town in [[Myanmar]].
Since 28==Understand==[[Image:Myawaddypagodas.8jpg|thumb|upright=1.3|Pagodas by Buddhist temple in Myawaddy]]Since 2013 foreigners are allowed to cross the Thai-Myanmar boarder at Myawaddy.Traffic to Myawaddy Since July 2015, there's a new road from Hpa An goes west (Myawaddy to towards [[Hpa An) on even numbered days-an]] and [[Mawlamyine]], east (Hpa An to Myawaddy) on odd numbered days so plan your border crossing carefully. The border closes at 18:00 Myanmar time and eliminating the immigration procedure is quite simple. I crossed from Myanmar to Thailand old alternating day driving direction system on the 29.9.2013 and didn't face any problems. Pick-ups and Taxis are easily available on both sidesold road.
The Myawaddy - Mae Sot border crossing closes at 20:00 mo to fri (march 2016). Myanmar time and the immigration procedure is a moderately popular destination for tourists quite simple. Coming from Myanmar foreigners don't have to join the queues but can go right into the office while locals are queuing outside, and expats in entering Thailand who want you can go straight to make a "visa run" (iwindow number 4.e. get a new Thai entry permit stamp by making a short visit to another country)Pick-ups and taxis are easily available on both sides.
The time in Myawaddy is 30 minutes earlier than in - Mae Sot, border crossing is a moderately popular destination for tourists and the traffic expats in Thailand who want to make a "visa run" (mostlyie, get a new Thai entry permit stamp by making a short visit to another country) drives on the right.
== Get The time in ==Myawaddy is 30 minutes earlier than in Mae Sot, and the traffic (mostly) drives on the right which makes an interesting scene on the bridge where cars from both ends have to switch over to the other side.
==Get in==
There are several buses daily from Myawaddy to [[Hpa-an]] (Pa-an) and [[Mawlamyine|Mawlamyine (Moulmein)]], however a Myanmar or Thai passport or ID card is not required anymore.
From the Thai town of [[Mae Sot]], take a [[Thailand#Songthaew|songthaew]] (20 Baht) or other transport to the border crossing at the '''Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge''' over the Moei River; Myawaddy is immediately on the other side of the bridge.
To do a visa run, foreigners must deposit their passports at the Myanmar immigration checkpoint and pay a fee of either $10 USD10 or 500 Thai baht THB500 for entry.
As of September 2013, on your On [ re-entry back into entering Thailand you are given without a visa waiver for only fifteen days], passport holders from the G7 countries of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, not "the United Kingdom and the United States now get another automatic 30 days" (as one guidebook incorrectly claims)in Thailand without the need for any visa.
While If you are a citizen of Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Korea, or Argentina, you will fare even better as you'll be stamped into Thailand for 90 days. Citizens from most other countries get only a 15 day stamp put in Myawaddy their passports. According to the Thai Baht is universally acceptedThailand Immigration Bureau, the number of times you can cross a land border into Thailand and so there be given 15, 30 or 90 days in Thailand is now unlimited. The Thai authorities have a nasty habit of changing this quite frequently with no need to change Bhaht into the Kyat (warning, so do re-confirm this at the Burmese currency)time you are travelling.
== Get around ==While in Myawaddy the Thai baht are universally accepted, and so there is no need to change baht into kyat (the Burmese currency).
Since 2014, there is a direct bus leaving every odd days to [[Yangon]] for 13,000 kyat, departing at 8am, 9am and 10am and taking 12 hours.
==Get around==
Myawaddy is centred around the wide strip of highway that leads from the Friendship Bridge through town and is small enough to be explored easily on foot; alternatively, ubiquitous red bicycle rickshaws go everywhere.
Places of interest in town include:
==See==* The Golden pagoda, 2-3 minutes from the border checkpoint by rickshaw.
Very picturesque site with several big Buddha images enshrined on its grounds, one of which is a replica of the golden Buddha image of Mahamuni temple in Mandalay. Locals claim that this pagoda is more than 1,000 years old.
 The Crocodile temple, 6-7 minutes from the border checkpoint by rickshaw.Very unusual temple situated on the back of a gigantic crocodile statue. Three more temples with big padodas pagodas a bit away from the town centre in neighbouring villages (there are many more pagodas in surrounding areas, as everywhere in Myanmar).
One of these pagodas is situated on the grounds of the children's dancing school, so you can see many small kids there. There are also more than a hundred similar sitting Buddha images on one of the sides of this pagoda.
Another temple is situated on a hill 100 metres 100m walk from the previous one. It also has a big pagoda and gives a good view of the surrounding area.
Visiting these distant places gives a bit of experience of "real Myanmar" with small wooden huts and locals working in their fields.
== Do =='''The crocodile temple''' (Myikyaungon in Burmese / Wat Don Jarakhe in Thai)- [,98.5061007,175m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 Click for Aerial view on google], GPS location: N16°40.97167', E098°30.36500'. Library built on top of a giant crocodile (no acces for women). A series of displays explaining the life of Budha. Walk anti-clockwise to start at birth. the accompanying temple has some interesting 3d art in stone on the wall.
'''A giant standing Budha''' - [,98.501439,174m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 Click for Aerial view on google], GPS location: N16°40.88964', E098°30.08634'. A standing Budha about 15/20m high. Behind the meeting hall they are building a giant sitting Budha. Next to the Budha a rather large golden bell shaped tower.
== Buy =='''Neat entry gate''' - GPS location: N16°41.18532', E098°29.96550'. A lion topped gate leading off the main road
'''Golden bell tower complex''' - (Shwe Muay Wan) [,98.5079636,175m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 Click for Aerial view on google], GPS location: 16°41.32482', 098°30.49416'. Square complex with multiple temples, many golden bell tower constructions and very, very bad toilet facilities.
'''Outdoor market (mostly food) == Eat ==''' GPS locatoin: 16°41.29698', 098°30.63420'. Single street market. About 2km long. Busier in the afternoon. Prepare your nose ;) If you are adventorous, the market is right in the midle of a slum city. Roam to one of the side alleys and see the real Myanmar.
-Myawaddy Complex - Casino and Duty Free Shops
== Drink Eat==
== Sleep ==There are several guesthouses and small hotels. You can find cheap guest houses from MYK6,000 for a single room, and MYK10,000 for a double room.Foreigners are only permitted to stay overnight if they've got their visa.
There Myawaddy Hotel +95 5850519 has rooms for US$22 - US$30. Breakfast is included. Rooms are several guesthouses and small hotels. You can find cheap guest houses from 6,000 kyat for a single roomlittle shabby-looking, but clean and 10staff don't speak much english. On the highway,000 kyat for about 1km from the boarder. Hotel has a double room.Foreigners are only permitted to stay overnight if they've got their visarestaurant with good food at reasonable prices.
== Get out ==
Note that all onward Since the new road "AH 1" between Myawaddy and Kawkareik opened in July 2015, the previous alternating day travel direction is limited according eliminated and travel times to which day it is - see aboveinner Myanmar has been cut by 2 hours.
* Jeeps or private cars can be arranged to [[Hpa-An]], which should take around 6 hours and cost around 500THB THB500 or 15MYK15,000 kyat per person or 50MYK50,000 per car.* Private cars can also be arranged to Kawkareik, which takes around 4 hours and cost MYK5,000 kyat per car.From Kawkareik buses can be taken to Yangon. Express Bus from Yanzarmain station cost MYK6,000 per person, very comfortable and take approx 10 hrs for Yangon (if you are lucky and leave Myawaddi very early in the morning you could make it to Yangon in 14-15 hours) * Buses run to [[Hpa-An]], [[Mawlamyine]] and [[Yangon]] every onward daydaily.* The Van to Mawlamyine cost 10.000MYK okt.2015
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