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{{pagebanner|Whistler Banner.jpg}}  '''Whistler''' [] is in the province of [[British Columbia]] in Canada. Boasting the largest ski area in North America, Whistler is a popular winter snow-skiing and outdoor sports destination near [[Vancouver]]. The official name for the municipality is the '''Resort Municipality of Whistler'''. 
[[Image:Whistler_2005.jpg|thumb|600px|The Coastal Mountains during ski season in Whistler]]
[[Image:Born_for_the_games.jpg|150px|thumb|Whistler has nurtured Olympic hopes since 1960.]]
Before the skiers and boarders came, Whistler was a logging town with the name Alta Lake. The area , which was well-known for its snow and . After Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics, a group of Canadian investors hatched a plan to build a ski resort on London Mountain in the Alta Lake area in the hopes hope of attracting the 1968 Winter Olympics. It was soon realized that the name "London" was terribly inappropriate because to most people, the term "London" referenced a major Western European urban metropolis with flat terrain and a severe air pollution problem, which was completely incongruent with the preferred image of a pollution-free skier's paradise. London Mountain was eventually renamed Whistler Mountain after the high-pitched whistling or chirping sound made by the hoary marmots native to the area. The Olympic dream didnwasn't come through realized immediately, but the first ski resort at Whistler opened in what is now the Creekside area in 1967 and January 1966.  In December 1980, Intrawest Corporation opened a second resort opened nearby on Blackcomb mountain in 1980Mountain. Earlier that year, the planned community to the east of Alta Lake now known as Whistler Village finally opened. The two In March 1997, Intrawest Corporation merged in 1988 with the Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation, and full-scale development of they merged their respective resorts to form the modern Whistler Village began shortly afterBlackcomb resort.
Whistler got its Olympic wishes wish fulfilled in 2010, as when it hosted the sliding & some of the events and certain ski events for the 2010 Winter Olympics. During the Great Recession, Intrawest spun off Whistler Blackcomb into a separate public corporation in 2010, then sold the last of its shares in that entity in 2012.
=== Climate ===
[[Image:Whistler_2005.jpg|thumb|600px|The Coastal Mountains during ski season in Whistler]]
[[Image:Born_for_the_games.jpg|150px|thumb|Whistler has nurtured Olympic hopes since 1960.]]
| units = Metric
Not surprisingly for a ski resort, Whistler gets its fair share of snow and cold weather. Typical Winter winter temperatures average about 0°C during the day and -6°C overnight in the Village, but on rare occasions it approaches -40 Below F° /C°. Snow typically on the ground from Dec December into April. Summers Summer days can be quite warm, with temperatures reaching the high 20s C°- 70 F° , ; but nights tend to be cool. As with the nearby Fraser Valley or [[Lower Mainland]], there is significantly more precipitation from Nov November through April than other times of the year. Warm wet air from the [[Lower Mainland]] makes its way to Whistler along the Old Squamish Highway along the back side of Seymour Mt., Grouse Mt., & Cypress Bowl Vancouver Ski Areas. The later another [[Vancouver]] [[Whistler]] 2010 Olympic ski venue . At the Garibaldi Range(s) the warm damp air cannot make it up & over the mountains, so it forms snow over the southern Slopes but precipitates out on the western slopes of the Caldera on Whistler & Blackcomb because of air pressure dropping as the wind blows over the Bowls. Canadian, American, & EU media roasted Olympic chief Juan Antonio Samaranch for referring to Whistler as the Rockies. Which ironically the Media all erroneously called the alternate names Coast or Cascade Range. The Garibaldi Range(s)including Whistler & Blackcomb are surrounded by the Coast/Cascade Range but are much younger Volcanoes thrust up through it. The greater Range was traditionally named the Rainer Range but has been re-named the Cascade Volcanoes ''(a way to falsely create out of date text books in order to sell replacements)''. The Range extends from Northern [[California]]’s Crater Lake, through [[Oregon]]`s Mount Hood, [[Washington]]`s: mostly cratered, shadow of its former self Mount St. Helens, Mount Shasta, Rainer, Baker, & BC`s Whistler/Garibaldi & [[Vancouver Island]]'s Mount Washington.
==Get in==
=== By car ===
Whistler is connected to the rest of British Columbia by the '''Sea To Sky Highway''' (Highway 99), a beautiful but windy somewhat winding road. The section along Howe Sound between Vancouver andSquamish is generally considered to be one of the most scenic routes in the world. Historically, at times narrowthe Sea To Sky Highway also had a reputation for being one of the deadliest scenic highways in the world, road. The highway but was significantly upgraded and widened prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics , and is now much far safer compared today. It is currently a divided four-lane highway from Vancouver to Brunswick Beach, which is about 30 kilometers or 25 minutes north of Vancouver. North of there to Whistler, the pasthighway alternates between two, three, and four lanes, when it had with or without a center divider. There are a slightly few stretches of Highway 99 between Brunswick Beach and Whistler that are still dangerous reputation, but care should with only two lanes, sharp curves, and no divider; this is usually because they pass through rugged terrain that would be cost-prohibitive to bypass altogether. Those stretches are clearly marked as such with prominent advance warning signs. Regardless of the substantial safety improvements, extreme caution is still be taken when drivingadvised, especially in winter conditions. The section along Howe Sound between Vancouver and Squamish is probably one of the most scenic routes to be found anywhere.  Typical driving time from Vancouver is about 2 to 2 1/2 hourswithout traffic. If a major accident occurs, expect delays of anywhere from one to three hours until the Royal Canadian Mounted Police can clear the accident off the highway; since this is the only direct land route between Whistler and Vancouver, you will have no choice but to wait it out. There are a number of rideshare sites available [] where you can find people to share the drive or find a ride for anything from $0 to $20.  Under British Columbia law, from October 1 to March 31, winter tires are required on most provincial highways (including Highway 99 north of Squamish), which means either M+S "all-season" tires or snow tires with the alpine or mountain snowflake logo (which indicates they are certified as having even more traction in snow than regular all-season tires). Drivers of vehicles without M+S tires or certified snow tires will be forced to return to Vancouver if caught by the RCMP or other law enforcement agencies. There are several signs along Highway 99 reminding drivers of this requirement, and "chain up" turnouts where police enforce it during snowstorms. Most car rental agencies already rent vehicles with M+S all-season tires; some like Avis or Dollar will specifically rent vehicles equipped with snow tires for an additional $20 or more per day.
===By bus===
Buses are a good choice if you are staying in Whistler Village itself. The village is so compact and so carefully designed that a rental car really isn't necessary if you are staying within one mile of Skiers Plaza. Taking the bus means you won't have to deal with the stress of driving the Sea To Sky Highway, parking, refueling, or scraping ice off a windshield.
* '''EpicRides''', 604-349-1234, []. Direct bus service from Vancouver to Whistler, $35.00 round trip no extra charge for skis, bikes or luggage. multiple departures from Vancouver and Whistler daily, multiple pick up locations around East Vancouver, Kits and downtown Vancouver. The bus ride generally takes about 1.45 hours.
* '''Greyhound Canada''', 1-800-661-8747, [] offers coach service from their Vancouver bus depot at Pacific Central station (1150 Station Street, near Main Street-Science World SkyTrain). Greyhound allows bicycles unboxed on this route. They charge $10 for a bicycle. A bus ride generally takes 2-2.5 hours each way. $28 one-way.
* '''Perimeter Bus''', 1-604-717-6600, []. Runs direct from YVR airport to Whistler with their YVR-Whistler Express service. 6 daily departures in winter. 5 daily departures at other times. $84 single trip.
*<see name="Party Bus" alt="" address="Squamish BC" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Roomy 14 passenger charter bus, Sightseeing of Squamish & Whistler, YVR airport service, transfers within Squamish.</see>
* <see name="Landsea Tours &amp; Charters" alt="Vancouver Tours" address="680 Industrial Ave. Vancouver, BC, V6A 2P3" directions="Can also book them through many Whistler Hotels" phone="604-255-7272" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" tollfree="1-877-669-2277" email="[email protected]" fax="">Roomy 14 passenger charter bus, Sightseeing of Squamish & Whistler, YVR airport service, transfers within Squamish. ></see>
* '''The Huckwagon Adventure Shuttle''', [] is an affordable, flat rate, 24 seat charter bus line run by outdoor enthusiasts that specializes in accommodating gear; bikes, skis, or boards, at no extra charge. The Huckwagon can pick up at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and is a great option for groups who wish to share the cost of transportation.
* '''Whistler Shuttle''', 1-866-943-0516, []. Runs direct from airport to Whistler with their YVR-Whistler service or from Downtown Vancouver to Whistler with their DV-Whistler service. Flexible daily departures in winter leaving within one hour of collecting your luggage (with flight landing between 6am-8pm and set summer departure times. $69/transfer.
===By taxi=== operates shuttles between between Vancouver International Airport and Whistler.
If ===By limo===When travelling with a number of people are travelling together (6 to 10 people), it is possible to go to Whistler by Limo limousine for $350385-400 675, depending on the number of people and the chosen vehicle. The benefits of taking a limousine include the convenience of a private chauffeur, comforts of a luxury vehicle and in some cases, may be more affordable than other alternatives, especially with room larger groups of people. In addition to the standard stretch limousines or town cars, vehicles offered by limousine companies may include sedans, SUVs, stretch SUVs, passenger vans, and shuttle buses. * <listing name="KJ Limousine Services" alt="" directions="" address="7871 Westminster Highway" phone="+1 604-377-1618" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""> Chauffeured limo service to Whistler from anywhere in Greater Vancouver.</listing>* <listing name="VanCity Limos" alt="" directions="" address="991 Hornby St #125" phone="+1 778-654-5699" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""> Chauffeured limo service to Whistler from downtown Vancouver.</listing> === By plane or air ==='''Vancouver International Airport (YVR)''' is the nearest major airport. Because of Vancouver's notorious freeway revolt, the city lacks a direct north-south freeway connector linking YVR to downtown Vancouver. There are also no freeways through downtown Vancouver, meaning that you ''will'' have to sit in downtown traffic at some point. You should plan for between 6 and 10 peopleminimum travel time of 25 minutes just to go from YVR to the Lions Gate Bridge. Allow one to two hours if traveling during rush hour.
=== By Plane or Air ==='''Vancouver International Airport (At YVR)''' is the nearest major airport; from there, you can rent a car ( In winter always request snow tires & inspect vehicle to confirm they were installed) , take a bus , or book one of the Whistler shuttles. Tickets for Snowbus (Tourism BC Visitor Centre) and Pacific Coach Lines (SkyLynx counter) can be purchased in the arrivals hall.
Visitors arriving from the United States may find flying domestically to '''Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)''' & '''Bellingham International Airport (BLI)''' and taking bus services across the border to be a cheaper option. The bus journey will be upwards of 5 five hours. '''Quick Shuttle''' [] offers bus services. Cheaper flights also fly into '''Abbotsford International Airport (YXX) '''near [[Vancouver]][].
* <see name="Air: Helicopters & Sea Planes" alt="land at both nearby Whistler's Heliport & Whistler Airport" address="" directions="" lat="50.15" long=" -122.96667" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></see>
Direct Flights to [[Vancouver]] & [[Victoria]]. See [[Whistler]] for details about connections '''Bus/Air''' via [[Whistler]], [[Vancouver]], or [[Seattle]].
* <see name=" Pemberton AreodromeAerodrome, Pemberton Airport: CYPS: Heli-Skiing, Charter Prop & Jet Planes & Helicopters." alt="Web Cam" address="" directions="45 min North" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></see>* <see name=" Pemberton AreodromeAerodrome, Pemberton Airport: CYPS" alt="local airport, regional airport" address="" directions="45 min North" lat="50.3025" long="-122.7378" phone="604 894-6135" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours=" Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or by appointment " price="></see>
Tie-down Accommodation Fees:
Aircraft Weight < 2,000 kg 2,000 to 5,000 kg
==Get around==
[[File:Whistlerhighway.JPG|thumb|right|300px|Driving into Whistler during a snowstorm.]]The town of Whistler sprawls out around the valley, but the heart of the Whistler experience focuses on the European-style villages built as planned communities around the base of the gondolas. Most of the accommodation, restaurants, bars, shops and the Blackcomb and Whistler gondolas are in '''Whistler Creekside (Old Alpha Lake)''', '''Whistler Village''' and '''the Upper Village''', at the foot of Whistler and Blackcomb. Village North (Blackcomb Village), built around the old base of Blackcomb, is smaller but still has a number of restaurants and hotels. Whistler Creekside is built around the original gondola on the south side of Whistler Mountain. There is a new Southern southern town site at the former '''Olympic Village''' Site called '''Cheackamus''' ; the location of the Whistler Hostelhostel, 20 min from Whistler Village. The small town of Pemberton is only 20 min. minutes to the north of the Whistler town limits and is a quieter quiet bedroom community for a large number of the Whistler Workersworkers (who have been priced out of Whistler by wealthy vacation home owners).
The easiest way to get around most of Whistler is '''by on foot'''. Whistler Village and the Upper Village are feature mostly pedestrian walkways and are small enough that you one can walk almost anywhere. A short trail (5-10 minutes) links it them with Village North and there is also an extensive system of trails that links Whistler Village with many of the parks, golf courses and beaches in other parts of the valley. Whistler transit or Cars cars are best used if you're trying to reach some of the outlying areas. If you do use a car, the The main road through town is Highway 99.
===By bus===
Operated by BC Transit, the '''WAVE''', (604) 932-4020, [] is Whistler's public transit system and is considered very good for a city of its size. It runs regularly from 5:30AM to 3AM all year. Commuter services are also offered to Pemberton. Flat fares are $2.50 for adults and $1.50 for seniors over 65 and students up to grade 12, although there are some routes which are free servicesfrom Whistler Village to Upper Village and Village North. A book of ten adult tickets can be purchased for $20, or a day pass for $7, from the visitor centre and other authorised authorized outlets like 7-11 . A transfer is available on request from the driver for connecting buses, only good for 1 way trip. Being that Pemberton is a bedroom community of Whistler it is tied into the Whistler transit system too; fares $4.50. Greyhound Commuter to Pemberton $8- $13on weekends & Holidays.
===By bike===
In the summer months there are many bike rental outfits. A valley trail connects 99% of all areas within and around Whistler. This is a paved 2 way - 1 lane trail system that is very pleasant and fast to get around on, yeild yield to Pedestrians & wildlife including bears. More advanced trails head north to Pemberton and south to Squamish,for those who may be more adventurous and experienced. End of Summer '''Grand Fondo''' : 7000 plus riders, runs from Vancouver to Whistler.Transit will carry the 1st 2 bikes on the front bumper - Whistler Transit bus drivers have refused to allow boarding with even a very small child's bike or scooter (even when folded. On Greyhound bikes below can be taken for an additional fee, even . Even though its it is a commuter service..., from Vancouver they usually demand the bike be boxed.
=== By taxi ===
*'''Whistler Taxi''' 604-932-3333
*'''Whistler Resort Cabs''' 604-938-1515
*'''Pemberton Taxi''' 604-894-1111 Has a mini bus that can seat 12 +. '''Closing July 31 2017'''All the taxi servies services have small Vans that can seat up to 6. So a big trip to or from the outlying area can be split 6 ways if you request a van.
The primary activity in Whistler, of course, is snow sports. Unlike Lake Tahoe or Mont Tremblant, there aren't any casinos in or near Whistler Village. This means that in winter, family members who cannot ski or snowboard will get bored once they finish exploring the village.  === Whistler-Blackcomb ===
[[Image:Canada whistler slopes.jpg|thumb|300px|Excellent skiing]]
[[File:090215-IMG 0678-AtTheTop-Whistler.jpg|thumb| 300px|View from the Roundhouse Lodge terminal for the Whistler Mountain Gondola]]
If skiing or boarding is your thing, it's hard to be disappointed with '''Whistler-Blackcomb''', 1-800-766-0449 (toll-free) or +1 604-904-8134, []. With 37 lifts servicing over 200 runs on two mountains and a vertical drop of over 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), Whistler-Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America and consistently ranks as one of the top three ski destinations in North America. The variety of terrain is huge &mdash; ranging : it ranges from beginner areas to , chutes and , trees , and groomed cruising runs to alpine bowls heaped with powder after a fresh snow fall &mdash; so there should be . There is something at Whistler to suit everyone. On the freestyle side of things, it has four terrain parks, a snow cross track crosstrack and a superpipe.
If you are staying in From Whistler Village or are parked in the day lots, the closest access point for both mountains is the two gondolas from that originate at Skiers Plaza in Whistler Village. The ride up takes 20-25 minutes and lineups the lines can be very long during the morning. Whistler Creekside has a gondola that accesses the southwest side of Whistler Mountain. This is a long walk from the Main Village so if you are are staying in the Creekside area have a car, use the transit system, or you are be an avid biker. Village North has a couple of lifts that access Blackcomb Mountain and a beginners beginner area. The gondolas start operation at 8:30AM 30 AM and stop between 3PM 3 PM and 4PM4 PM, depending on the time of the year. Snow conditions are available from the Snow Phone via phone at 1-800-766-0449.
Both mountains open the fourth weekend of November If you are not staying in Whistler Village or within walking distance and the main season runs until late Aprilmust drive in, there are eight parking lots. Conditions permittingLots 1, 2, and 3 are the resort will keep one of the mountains open until early June for spring skiing. An adult lift ticket costs $89 at peak times of the year (typically over Christmas closest to Skiers Plaza and during March), with slightly cheaper rates at other times. Spring skiing tickets are cheaper at $47. You can also purchase pay lots where you input your lift tickets at the 7-11 convenience store in Squamish license plate into a vending machine and then pay with cash or credit card for a particular amount of time (on the drive up from Vancouvereither a number of hours or an entire day), where they are sold at a small discount.
Both mountains open the fourth weekend of November and the main season runs until late April. Conditions permitting, the resort will keep one of the mountains open until early June for spring skiing. An adult lift ticket costs $89 at peak times of the year (typically over Christmas and during March), with slightly cheaper rates at other times. Spring skiing tickets are cheaper at $47. You can also purchase lift tickets at the 7-11 convenience store in Squamish (on the drive up from Vancouver), where they are sold at a small discount.  The Blackcomb Glacier glacier opens for a few hours a day from mid-June to early August, but the number of runs are limited as most of it is used by summer ski and snowboard camps. As of September 2014, Whistler Blackcomb now uses a RFID access control system. All lift ticket buyers or passholders are issued a individual plastic card with an embedded RFID chip. The user's name is printed on the card at the time of purchase. The user is instructed to wear the card in the upper left pocket of a ski jacket, and then walk or ski up to the RFID readers installed at gondola and lift entrances, which detect the RFID chip and allow the user to proceed accordingly.
=== Other activities ===
[[Image:Cheakamus lake whistler.jpg|thumb|300px|Alpine hiking delights]]
[[File:Lost Lake.jpg|thumb|300px||Lost Lake]]
* '''Backcountry skiing''' and '''cross country skiing''' are popular in Whistler as well. There is cross country skiing around Lost Lake, including night skiing if the conditions are right, and Backcountry Skiing throughout the valley, particularly off of the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb. The Callaghan Valley is just south of Whistler (turn left before Function Junction) and will host the Nordic Skiing events for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Callaghan Country hosts guided ski touring, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing tours in this region. '''Heliskiing''' is an expensive but worthwhile endeavour endeavor if you crave making tracks where few others do. Several operators make Whistler's miles of backcountry terrain available to visitors. ** ''''' Warning: Backcountry or "out of bounds" skiing and snowboarding is hazardous and special precautions must be taken. ** Whistler-Blackcomb ski patrol provides avalanche control for in-bounds terrain only. Simply ducking under a rope, but staying near the ski resort, is still considered "backcountry" or "out-of-bounds."** Take an avalanche safety course & first aid course first.** Do not travel in the backcountry alone. ** Always carry self-rescue equipment; shovel, probe, and avalanche transceiver at a minimum. ** Check the local avalanche bulletin before deciding to go in to the backcountry '''''
* <do name="Whistler Mountain Bike Park" alt="" address="access from Skiers Plaza" directions="" phone="1-866-218.9690 (toll-free) or +1 604-904-8134" email="" fax="" url="" hours="10AM - 5PM daily mid-May to mid-Oct. Open until 8PM during summer" price="Lift tickets regularly $51, $44 early season">During summer, the skiing paradise turns into a biker's paradise with a handful of lifts carrying bikers and bikes up the mountain. There are over 50 runs and 4,900 feet of vertical catering to all skill levels. Tracks include single trails and fast race tracks with spectacular jumps and some Northshore elements have been built. Bikes can be rented at the base of the Whistler gondola.</do>
* <do name="Lost Lake Park" alt="" address="turn-off near the end of Blackcomb Way" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="50.12669" long="-122.93553" email="" fax="">Lost Lake is a great place to relax in the summer and is a popular spot with the locals. There's a beach, the water is warmer than the other lakes in the valley and there are miles of trails for walking or cycling. It's also a popular spot for cross-country skiing in the winter.</do>
*'''Golf''' is a popular activity in Whistler and it has a driving Range and three championshp championship caliber courses, and two more courses to the north in Pemberton.
** <do name="Nicklaus North" alt="" address="8080 Nicklaus North Blvd" directions="" phone="1-800-938-9898" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></do>
** <do name="Chateau Whistler" alt="" address="4612 Blackcomb Way" directions="" phone="+1 877 938-2092" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 604 938-0368" url="" hours="" price=""></do>
** <do name="Whistler Golf Club" alt="" address="4001 Whistler Way" directions="" phone="1-800-376-1777 (toll-free)" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></do>
** <do name="Pemberton Meadows: par 72 course with full service club house,Golf Shop,and Black Squirrel Restaurant." alt="" address="1730 Airport Rd" directions="38 min.s North just before Pemberton Airport." " phone="tel. 1.800.390.4653 (toll-free)" email=" [email protected] " fax="" url="" hours="" price="$$"></do> Map:[]
** <do name="Big Sky Golf and Country Club with Fescues Restaurant." alt="" address="1690 Airport Road" directions="38 min.s North just before Pemberton Airport." phone="tel. 604-894-6106)" email="[email protected]" fax="604-894-5545" url="" hours="" price="$$" ></do>
* There are a number of '''hiking''' trails in and around Whistler. For the casual walker looking for a pleasant walk through an ancient grove of cedar trees, Cougar Mountain provides an easy hour loop. More aggressive day hikers might head to Brandywine Meadows, a six hour trip up much steeper terrain. And multi-day backpackers also have a variety of options including the Helm Creek trail to Garibaldi Lake and the Black Tusk. Of course, the ski lifts and gondolas of Whistler Blackcomb operate in the summer to offer hikers a relaxing short cut into back country. Remember your in the mountains and conditions change rapidly. Dress in layers. Take the legs that zip on to those summer shorts and a water proof windbreaker.
* Whistler also offers some excellent sport and trad/gear '''[[rock climbing]]'''. Within the city limits there are several small, single pitch crags collectively known as Nordic Rock. The area offers 23 vertical routes, most of them sport, up to 20m long ranging in difficulty from 5.8 - 5.13a (French: 5 - 7c+). For more information on the routes in Whistler and area, check out any of the quality guide books describing the climbing in the [[Sea_to_Sky|Sea to Sky]] corridor.
As is common to tourist-centric villages and towns, Whistler village Village has a number of shops awaiting you. In general, the shopping is better prices and you'll find more variety are better in nearby Vancouver, so if you're on a budget, your money is likely to go farther in Vancouver. On the other hand, many of the stores in Whistler village Village are a pleasure to visit and , since Whistler Village was deliberately designed as a planned community to ensure that its pedestrian walkways would provide optimal views of the outdoor surrounding mountain terrain. Thus, Whistler Village's beautiful setting makes browsing (or shopping) more enjoyable as a sensory experience than if one were to visit the large indoor malls found in Vancouverwhich feel just like malls everywhere else. For basic supplies, there is a grocery store (The Whistler Grocery Store) as well as two drug stores (Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart) in Whistler Village itself.If you don't mind the walk, there is a large supermarket, Marketplace IGA, in the Whistler Marketplace shopping center to the north. There are also many ski and snowboard supply shops which carry every kind of gear and apparel for snowsports.
*'''Whistler Ski Butlers Rental Delivery''', Learn to ski or snowboard or re-visit the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb mountains again in style with this equipment rental service company. , []
Whistler village Village has a variety of restaurants ranging from very cheap fast food to expensive, and covering a number of styles. Regardless of what type of food you're looking for, the best way to find good food in Whistler is to take a walk around the village.
Whistler's on-slope food is surprisingly good and varied. Though you'll pay a small premium for the high altitude service, your udon bowl ($10) or salmon steak ($12) is similarly priced to the village below and though the seating arrangements may be less comfortable than what you'll find in the village, the dining views can't be beat. One special on-hill treat is are the enormous waffles topped with berries, cream, and chocolate at the Crystal Hut on Blackcomb Mountain.
=== Budget ===
* <eat name="Teppan Village" alt="" address="301-4293 Mountain Square" directions="" phone="604-932-2223" email="" fax="" url="" hours="5:30PM - 10PM daily" price="">Japanese teppanyaki.</eat>
*<eat name="Whistler Tasting Tours" alt="Whistler Restaurant Tours" address="4111 Golfers Approach Suite #201" directions="" phone="604-902-8687" url="" hours="9AM-7PM Daily" price="" lat="" long="">Walk-about dining tours, guiding groups to several gourmet Whistler restaurants for a delicious multi-course dinner paired with fine BC wines. </eat>
*<eat name="The FireRock Lounge" alt="" address="4090 Whistler Way" directions="Located on the Westin Shops level" phone="+1 604-935-4345" url="" hours="11am-1am, daily" price="$6 - $40" lat="" long="">This quintessential mountain lounge is your cozy and intimate getaway. Located inside the Westin Resort & Spa, the low leather couches, stone fireplace, dim lighting, eclectic music, great ambiance and service will keep you relaxed all day & night.</eat>
One of the true joys of Whistler is to go to one of the many bars after a long day of skiing or outdoor activities. The bars are where many of the visitors gather and the atmosphere is laid back and easygoing. However, you will be ticketed if you drink in the walkways and streets. Drinking and driving is taken extremely seriously here, so don't do it. Same goes for consumption of any drugs in public places. You will be arrested even for weed.
You'll find almost any type of drink at the many bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs in Whistler. If you like beer, try a local "micro-brewery" beer at one of the pubs in the village.
Whistler has a full range of accommodations ranging from budget to luxury. Many of them are concentrated in or near Whistler Village. If you are staying in the village, you don't need a rental car, and can save a huge amount of money and hassle by taking the bus instead. Unfortunately, the hoteliers in the village all know that and they price their rooms accordingly.
Like other major ski areas, Whistler's peak time is the winter holiday period starting several days before Christmas (December 25) to New Year's Day (January 1). Accommodations in Whistler for that time period fill up very early and should be booked as early as July of the year before. If you wait until August or September to book your hotel, you may find yourself either paying over one thousand American dollars per night for your room, or having to stay in Squamish or Pemberton at more reasonable rates and then commuting daily into Whistler for the skiing.
=== Splurge ===
*<sleep name="The FireRock Lounge" alt="" address="4090 Whistler Way" directions="Located on the Westin Shops level" phone="+1 604-935-4345" url="" checkin="11am" checkout="1am" price="$6 - $40" lat="" long="">This quintessential mountain lounge is your cozy and intimate getaway. Located inside the Westin Resort & Spa, the low leather couches, stone fireplace, dim lighting, eclectic music, great ambiance and service will keep you relaxed all day & night.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Four Seasons Resort Whistler" alt="" address="4591 Blackcomb Way" directions="" phone="1 888-935-2460 (toll-free) or +1 604-935-3400" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$395 and up in high season">Located in the Upper Village, walking distance to Blackcomb Wizard lift and to main village.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Whistler Vacation Rentals by Owner" alt="Whistler Vacation Rentals by Owner" address="100 to choose from" directions="" phone="1-888-205-0649 (toll-free" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$99 and up, depending on season and length of stay" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">From budget to luxury, ski-in ski-out, golf course, Upper Village to Creekside. Many rentals with hot tubs.</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler" alt="The Westin Whistler" address="4090 Whistler Way" directions="" phone="1-604-905-5000" url="" checkin="4:00 pm" checkout="11:00 am" price="From $170 CAD" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Centrally located in Whistler Village, The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler is an award-winning resort that offers all-suite accommodations just steps away from both Whistler and Blackcomb mountain gondolas.</sleep>
=== Apartments ===
==Get out==
* Heading North on Highway 99 will take you past:
* Nairn Falls Provincial Park- just south of Pemberton.* [[Pemberton (British Columbia)]] - A quaint village. The alpine beauty of '''Joffre Lakes Provincial Park'''. Hiking, Skiingskiing, & Snow Shoeing and snowshoeing (see [[Pemberton (British Columbia)]]for more details).
* Heading South on Highway 99 will take you past:
* [[Squamish]], the self-styled Adventure Capital of Canada, is 45 minutes from both [[Vancouver]] & [[Whistler]] on Highway 99.

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