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The Wire Tour

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Far East
''Just past Conkling St on Pulaski'' is the '''Executive Inn''', where the Co-op would meet up under Prop Joe's aegis to organize their now peaceful drug trade. You have got to be '''hungry''' by now, so it's time for some '''Chaps Pit Beef''', which will be ''on Pulaski on the right shortly after the second overpass''. If the interior looks familiar, it should, as there was a great little Baltimore scene at the main picnic table, where Wee-Bey piled the potent horseradish on his pit beef sandwich. His friends told him he was in for a world of hurt, but the ever tough Bey responded, "the trick is not to give a shit." Bad move—he cried from the pain! Chaps is generally considered to have Baltimore's best pit beef, a sort of local "barbecue" producing a very soft roast beef sandwich, which begs for onions and horseradish. It is properly ordered rare. There are plenty of other good dishes, though, so make sure to eat here!
''Head back down Pulaski to Conkling St and turn left. Just past Eastern Ave'', look on the right for the old '''Carcetti Campaign Headquarters''', which proudly displayed the campaign signs long after David Simon's film crew had moved on. There's a '''Vaccaro's''' on the right, a famous local Italian pastry chainlet, which should make for a decadent dessert if you so choose. Head left down Eastern and you should see the area where Glekas ran stolen goods out of an electronics store for Ziggy and Nick off the docks. Also, this is where Ziggy ends up going berserk and a shooting rampage.
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