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Granada (Nicaragua)

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* <sleep name="Bearded Monkey" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="552-4028" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="US$5 for the dorm, US$10 for a single room, and 13 for a double" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">A crowded hostelClosed as of Jan. Free internet use, hammocks and a big and well-selected DVD-Library, great food, try the homemade Lemonade2014. Staff seem a bit surly. Big business, some long term travellers regard This was easily the atmosphere as "rip-off". While this is most popular hostel in town for quite a great place to meet other travelers, it is not ideal for those who are looking to catch up on sleep. Bring some earplugs and an eye mask because loud music and bright overhead lights stay on until the wee hours of the morning. Also reports of bed bugsfew years.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hostal el Momento" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$14-$22 single room and $22-$28 double room" lat="" long="" direction="Calle el Arsenal,close to Calle Atravesada,1 block north of Parque Central" email="[email protected]"> Colonial House and a brand new hostal with a really nice garden with lots of seating and lounge areas. Very good security as it is close to a bank, they also have security cameras and safe boxes in the rooms and the dorms have lockers also. The privates come with and without bathrooms but all have cable tv and there is free wifi with iPads free to use.They have a bar and cafe in the garden or you can use their guest kitchen.Great set up and willing staff looking to help in anyway.</sleep>

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