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Ciudad del Este

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===International Border Crossing===
* If you are a citizen of a country requiring a visa, the bridge border is very loosely patrolled and you can easily bus in and out without being stopped to have your passport checked. Obviously this will affect your liability should anything untoward happen while you're there.
* The most common way to arrive is through the ''Ponte da Amizade'' (Portuguese) or ''Puente de la Amistad'' (Spanish), meaning "Friendship Bridge," which connects Ciudad del Este in Paraguay to [[Foz do Iguaçu]] in Brazil over the Paraná river. There are frequent bus connections, also to and from [[Puerto Iguazú]] in Argentina. Taxis sometimes do the trans-border trip as well.
* A couple of kilometers south of Ciudad del Este, where the Paraná and Iguaçu/Iguazú rivers join, is a ferry crossing to [[Puerto Iguazú]] in Argentina without crossing Brazilian territory. The ferry runs hourly during daylight hours for AR$5. There´s a bus to Ciudad del Este passing close-by. From the centre (av Gral Bernardino Caballero) take a bus labeled "Tres Fronteras" (destination, not the company name) and ask to be dropped at "La Balsa" (the ferry).
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