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*<do name="Culture Yard: Explore Chinese culture through various workshops" alt="" address="10 Shique Hutong, Dongcheng District" directions="beixingqiao station exit c walk 400 meters to your left" phone="01084044166" url="" hours="09:00-21:00" price="Free" lat="" long="" shique="Shique" dong="Dong" cheng="Cheng" station="station" exit="exit" c="C" walk="walk" 400="400" meters="meters" on="on" the="the" culture="Culture" yard="Yard" is="is" a="a" foreign="foreign" run="run" cultural="cultural" centre="centre" in="in" heart="heart" of="of" beijing="Beijing" that="that" offers="offers" language="language" courses="courses" as="as" well="well" which="which" focus="focus" introducing="introducing" chinese="chinese" to="to" international="international" local="local" community="community" hosts="hosts" discussion="discussion" art="art" and="and" other="other" study="study" wine="wine">Culture Yard: Explore Chinese culture through various workshops. Culture Yard is a foreign run cultural centre in the heart of Beijing that offers language courses as well as cultural workshops, which focus on introducing Chinese culture to the international community, as well as foreign culture to the local community " (Culture Yard Website) []. Culture Yard hosts film, mahjong, tea, calligraphy, discussion seminars, art classes, chinese and other language study programs, and wine tastings.</do>
*<do name="Cooking classes" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="Daily from 10:30 (closed W)" price="&yen;180" lat="" long="">A few places around Nanluoguxiang now offer Chinese cooking classes. One such place, Hutong Cuisine, is run by an English-speaking chef in a small hutong home. Classes are small. Reservations are necessary.</do>
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