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[[Image:AixFountain2.jpg{{pagebanner|thumb|right|200px|Fountain in Aix]][[Image:AixFlowers-en-Provence Banner.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Flower Market]]}}[[Image:AixCourtyard2.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Small Courtyard in Aix]]
'''Aix-en-Provence''' [] is a city in [[Provence]], a region in the south of [[France]].
[[Image:AixFountain2.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Fountain in Aix]][[Image:AixFlowers.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Flower Market]][[Image:AixCourtyard2.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Small Courtyard in Aix]]
Aix-en-Provence (usually simply called Aix) is a small, classically Provençal town, famous for being home to Cézanne; the addition of the TGV (high-speed train) station has brought lots of vacationers from the north, and Aix has turned into a shopping town with high variety and representation considering its small size. Three universities and several French-language schools for international students produce a very strong student presence.
It has also become known as the home of Cézanne's later works. You can see his atelier with some of the original objects he painted into his still lives. The Bibémus Quarries allow you to see Mt. St. Victoire, the mountains he captured in many of his paintings. You can also visit the Manor of Jas de Bouffan, which houses many of his masterpieces. To see all three, you need at least two days in Aix.
* <see name="Granet Museum" alt="" address="" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></see>set in the old Priory of the Knights of Malta, keeps works by French painters of the XVIth to the XXth centuries and different schools of Dutch, Flemish and Italian art. The archaeological rooms allow you to discover the origins of Aix-en-Provence and the Celto-Ligurian civilisation of Entremont.
There are plenty of things to do in Aix en Provence. Most of it involves meandering around the small streets of the inner city observing the crooked Roman architecture, elegant fountains and beautiful boutiques, or watching the world go by as you sip on an Aixpresso or, for an authentic taste of Provence, Le Pastis.
Many pivate drivers offers excursions or just shuttles to see the holy victory mountain (painted by cezanne), avignon, les gorges du Verdon (lagest canyon europe). Capeo Shuttle offers these services[]
The more modern activities include bowling, billiards, pubs, clubs, cinema, etc.
Aix is home to the Université d'Aix-Marseille.
Founded in 1956, Sciences Po Aix is one of the nine Political Studies Institutes in France, and the only one situated on the Mediterranean coast. Sciences Po Aix has numerous exchange programs through partnerships with close to 100 different universities in the world: the school welcomes 120 foreign students a year.
Aix has an incredible number of restaurants compared to its small size. Most of them are gathered in a small area in the old city, between Place des Cardeurs and the Rotonde (Cours Mirabeau). Restaurants and bars on the Cours Mirabeau tend to be more expensive though, while some might be considered tourist traps, others are amongst the best places to eat in the city. L'Authentique is an excellent burger place in that area (walk past the Hermés boutique when heading towards the fountain, make a left at a wide open space, and it's the third shop).
Try "Le farinomanFou" or Emile Bec, which has five locations in Aix-en-Provence, is an excellent bakeryfor quality breads.
You can also try Calissons, a specialty of the region consisting of a smooth, pale yellow, homogeneous paste of candied fruit (especially melons and oranges) and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing. Calissons have a texture not unlike that of marzipan, but with a fruitier, distinctly melon-like flavorflavour. Calissons are often almond-shaped and are typically about two inches in length.
* '''HOTEL DES ARTS* Hotel des Arts''' Tel (0)442381177 good Quality/Price in center aix en provence
* '''Hotel Paul''', [].
* '''Formule 1''', [].10 km
===Vacation rentals===
* L''''[ Atelier Monclar ****]''' 4 stars appartement in the city center. Calm, design and full equipped, the hostes will do their best to make your stay unforgettable.
'''Premium Villas Provence''' [] "Specialises in holiday rentals of selected villas with pool for 2 to 20 people, in the Aix en Provence area and coastal Provence in South of France."
'''Aix en appartements''' [] ''rents its own apartments in Aix-en-Provence, for the tourists all the year.'' '''It is not a rental agency. It is not a classified ad website.'''
* '''Vendome-Rotonde''', 90 avenue Napoleon Bonaparte.
*'''Courteissado''', 20 rue Courteissade.
*'''Le Beffroi''', 2 Forum des Cardeurs.
*'''Clovis''', 7 rue Clovis Hugues.
==Get out==
 '''Some of the most beautiful villages in Provence are located nearby Aix en Provence :'''
'''Les Baux de Provence''' : listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, standing on a spur of rock in the heart of the Alpilles, this village dominates Arles and the Camargue and offers and exceptional panorama. Superb medieval stone fortress.

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