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Get around
'''Taxi''': Available all around town but quite expensive compared to other means of transport.
'''Bus''': The Terminal is only about 5 minutes walking from the city center. Here you can get to close-by towns and villages like [[Sibundoy]], [[Villagarzon]], [[Puerto Limon]], [[Puerto Guzman]], [[Orito]] or [[Puerto Asis]] (for instance), and of course to bigger towns like [[Pasto]] or [[Pitalito]].
'''Collectivos''': Mainly Pick-Ups, sometimes Mini-Vans. Tell the locals where you'd like to go and ask if there are Collectivos to get you there. In the cases of most tourist attractions nearby, like the Waterfall Fin del Mundo, you just have to walk a bit outside of town (in the direction of your destination) and wait for Collectivos to come by. Make a hand-signal or put your thumb out. The usual charge for short distances (couple of km) is about 1000 COP.
'''Hitchhiking''': The area around Mocoa is quite safe and hitchhiking works pretty wellgood.

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