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The single, old "Terminal Terrestre," which was located in Cumandá (Center of the city)has been replaced by two new terminals:
1. <b>Terminal Quitumbe</b> (located in the far south of Quito), services all the buses that go to any destination south of Quito: Basically all of the coastal provinces, all of the amazonian provinces, and all of the mountain region (sierra) provinces except two: Carchi and Imbabura (where Otavalo and other tourist attractions are located). This terminal can be reached by local buses (which often leave La Marin in Old Town) or by the Trolebus and Metro trolleys. It takes about an hour to get from Centro Historico to Quitumbe using Trolebus.
2. For Carchi and Imbabura (where Otavalo and other tourist attractions are located) two you need to go to <b>Terminal Norte Carcelén</b> (located in the far north of Quito). This terminal can be reached by local buses (which you can catch at La Marin in Old Town or El Ejido in New Town) or by Ecovia, Trolebus Trole and Metro. By Trole, one can take it northwards to station "La Y" but get off at the stop AFTER "La Y" called "Terminal Norte de Trolebus". It is a big bus station. There is a connecting bus from "Terminal Norte de Trolebus" station to "Terminal Norte Carcelén". (Reverse to get back.)
*Some bus companies have their own terminals near La Mariscal. These include TransEsmeraldas (just past la Colon), Flota Imbabura (above El Ejido), and Reina del Camino (also above El Ejido).
There are 3 independent, 'enclose stations' systems of buses, with very few transfer stations among them. They are very inexpensive ($0.25 for a single ride). These lines follow north-south-lines down through the heart of Quito, and they have stations close to ''La Mariscal'' where most hotels are located. Take note that there is no tradition of waiting for people to disembark before people board, so this may take some getting used to. The buses are among the cleanest of South America, but still, be aware of pickpockets!
* '''El Trole''' or ''The Trolley'' (: Green stations, buses of different colors) , run from station ''La Y'' in the north to ''El Recreo'' in the south. Downtown, it has the closest stations to Plaza Grande.
* '''Metrobus''' (: Blue stations marked with a '''Q''', buses of different colors) , run from Universidad Central in America Avenue, next to Prensa Ave, and then to Diego de Vasquez Ave. until Carcelen last station, this is the best bus service for visitors who wants to visit the Mitad del Mundo Monument, because at Ofelia station the public services buses who go to Mitad del Mundo monument waits to make the switching and carry visitors to Mitad del Mundo, $0.25 until Ofelia station, $0.35 to Mitad del Mundo Monument.
* '''Ecovia''' (: Red buses and stations marked with an '''e''') run from Rio Coca Station (north) to La Marin Station inside the Quito historic Downtown. Serves stations close to ''Casa de la Cultura'' and ''Estadio Olímpico'' and Quicentro mall.
The easiest way * '''city tours''': A variety of tour operators offer half-a-day to full-day city tours to get to most Quito hotels from you orientated, see the airport is to buy a taxi ticketprinciple museums, plazas, available after the baggage area before exiting the airportchurches and palaces. Cost to the hotels in the main tourist area Among them is $5 Cuyabeno Lodge, operating out of its Quito office; ☎ (November 2008++593)(2) 521212 and cell (++593)(0)9980 3395; email: [email protected]. If you hail a cab just outside at the airport you can get them to use the meter and pay less than $3 for a ride to La Mariscal hotel districtcom []
For those wanting to save money and reduce their ecological impact on Ecuador, many local buses ($0.25) head south to the tourist areas. Just exit the airport and cross the main street. Buses with an "Amazonas" or "Juan Leon Mera" sign go to La Mariscal. Buses with a "La Marin" sign will leave you a few blocks away from Old Town.
Taxis and buses are everywhere and very inexpensive. Taxi drivers are known to pull weapons on tourists and steal their money, cameras, etc. ''Secuestro express'' (express kidnapping) is a crime that increasing numbers of taxi drivers are committing. Pickpocketing is a rare occurrence on buses and can be avoided with common sense. A taxi ride costs a minimum of US$1 during the day and a minimum of US$2 at night. Only use official taxis (yellow with a number painted on the door). Make sure the driver turns on the taxi meter if you don't want to get ripped off and find another taxi if they claim it's broken (taxímetro). At night or if they refuse to, negotiate the price before getting in, or wait for the next. Carry small denominations of money and have exact change for your taxi fare. If you do not have exact change, taxi drivers conveniently won't be able to make change for you and will try to convince you to make the change a tip instead. When taking a taxi be sure you are aware of the fastest route; if a driver is using the meter he may take the ''scenic route.'' Most major hotels have taxis that they have approved as safe and legitimate. If unsure about a taxi, call your hotel and they can generally have a safe taxi dispatched to your location. A bus trip costs in Quito $0.25, including Trole and Ecovía (March 2010).
* The '''railway station''' is at the south end of the old city, close to the ''El Trole'' route. The railway is very rundown and services are erratic. It's best to check with the Visitors' Bureau on the most recent timetable.
*'''La Vírgen del Panecillo'''. Adjacent to the Old City, El Panecillo is a large hill on top of which is La Virgin del Panecillo, a large statue of the 'winged' Virgin Mary. She can be seen from most points in the city. Local legend has it that she is the only virgin in Quito. Never walk up the hill, always take a taxi or a bus as the walk up can be dangerous.
*'''Mitad del Mundo'''. Just outside of Quito is where the measurements were first made that proved that the shape of the Earth is in fact an oblate spheroid. Commemorating this is a large monument that straddles the equator called '''Mitad del Mundo''' or middle of the world. Note, however, that the true equator is not at the Mitad del Mundo monument. Through the magic of GPS technology, we now know that it is only 240 meters away -- right where the Indians said it was before the French came along and built the monument in the wrong place. The entrance for the park is $2 (included entrance to small museums). For some of the attractions you have to pay extra.
*'''The Intiñan Solar Museum''' [] is right next to the Mitad del Mundo monument on the other side of the north fence. For $4 you can have a tour of this little museum. Note that they don't demonstrate the Coriolis effect [] but rather deceive you (ask for repeating the experiment on your own and they will deny it) []. Other "experiments" showing effects that apparently only occur on the equator are also scam. The tour is completed by some untrue facts about indigenous cultures in Ecuador and is just straining after effect. The place looks like a total dump and is at the end of a dirt road, but for some people it is much more interesting and informative than the '''Mitad del Mundo'''. When you go to the middle of the world, you can just take a bus ($0.40) straight there, or go with a tour, or hire a taxi driver by the hour. The hourly rate should be in the $12 or less range. Buses leave from the Occidental or Av. America for $0.40 and have "Mitad del Mundo" clearly written large on the front. This is the most economical option and tours of the Intiñan Solar Museum are $4. Entry to the monument nearby is $2, but only worth it for a photo straddling the equator - which you can do at the 'real' equator nearby at Intiñan.
*'''Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesus.''' In the Old City, this church is regarded by many as the most beautiful in the Americas. Partially destroyed by fire, it was restored with assistance from the Getty Foundation and other benefactors. Stunning.
*<see name="Casa del Alabado" alt="" address="Calle Cuenca N1-41" directions="Between the Plazas of San Francisco and Santa Clara" phone="+593(2)228-0772" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The Museum of Precolombian Art, Casa del Alabado, is a nonprofit cultural institution supported by individuals and private companies. The museum's sole purpose is the preservation Pre-Colombian works of art. It is located in down town Quito, a city that was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. The museum is hosted in a Spanish residence built in 1671 as an inscription states in its doorway: “praised be the holy soul, the façade of this house was finished in the year of the Lord 1671.” "Praised be" in Spanish language is written as "alabado," hence the name of the museum, Casa [house] del Alabado. Open 9:30-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-4:00 on Sundays and Holidays. $4 for Adults, $2 for audio guide, $1 for children 6-12 and Seniors.</see>
*<see name="Parque Bicentenario" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">With the new airport opened to the northwest of the city, the old airport in the city centre is in the process of being converted into a mixed urban area - including a major park. While not yet boasting a lot of amenities, the runways provide for the perfect place to go by bike or inlines, or just pretending to be an airplane. Get to the park with the Corredor Norte to station Aeropuerto. </see>
* '''Explore the Old Town''' With its gorgeous mixture of colonial and republican/independence era architecture (Late 1500's to 1800's), relaxing plazas and a stunning number of churches. If you happen to be there during Christmas or Easter, you'll be amazed at the number of events, masses, and processions that bring out the crowds. You'll find craft shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels across its grid of streets.
* '''A recommended walking tour''' that could enhance your vision of the Historic Center is as follows. Take the trolley (watch your belongings) south until "Cumanda" stop. Get down, you are on Maldonado street. There you will have an impressive view of what once was the "Jerusalem" ravine, which stands between Panecillo and the core. Walk north past the trolley stop and go down a narrow stairway that brings you to La Ronda street, of Pre-columbian origins. Walk up picturesque La Ronda until you reach Av. 24 de Mayo. This boulevard was built on top of this section of Jerusalem ravine to connect the two sides of town. On Garcia Moreno Street turn north and you will arrive to the Museo de la Ciudad, which provides an easy and interactive history of Quito. Then walk on Garcia Moreno street until Sucre, which is a pedestrian street. La Compania is at the corner and if you go up Sucre street you will reach San Francisco. If you continue on Garcia Moreno you will reach the Main (independence) Square. If you go to San Francisco, then walk to La Merced and down to the Main Square. This itinerary follows a chronological and logical sequence of sites. Most people do it backwards, turning La Ronda and Museo de la Ciudad as distant points where you're usually worn out by the time you get there. In any event, the Historic Center is so vast that you need more than one visit to see it all. The recommended walk provides you with a good overview if you're short of time or want to see as much as possible on a first day. You could also join the ['''Free Walking Tour Ecuador'''] departing from '''Community Hostel''' in the old town from Monday to Saturday starting at 10:30 am. Everybody can join, even If you are not staying in their hostel.
* '''Watch''' The old men play Ecuador's version of bocce at Parque El Ejido. You can also see some serious games of Ecua-volley, the local version of volleyball, on a Saturday or Sunday.
*'''Cable Car''' There is a cable car ride up the side of Ruco Pichincha. It's called "Teleferico" in spanish. Ask your hotel about the special buses that run through the city taking people towards this destination. You can also find your own way there through taxi or bus.
*<do name="Go Mountain Biking" alt="BIKING Dutchman mountain biking tours" address="Foch E4-283" directions="corner of Amazonas, in La Mariscal" phone="(02) 2568 323" url="" hours="9H30-17H30" price="4549" lat="" long="">There are many outfits offering one- to multi-day mountain biking trips to the surrounding volcanos, lakes, and valleys. Biking Dutchman is one of the oldest and most well-regarded.It was recently chosen by the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Traveller among the 101 "Best of Travel from the Region"-South America</do>
*'''Equinox Spanish School''': Located on Calle Yánez Pinzón N25-106 y Colón, in the Mariscal district. Equinox is the 2nd oldest school in Quito and hosts study abroad programs from universities and a very large amount of foreign students who want to learn Spanish. The prices are affordable and extremely personable.
*<do name="Green Horse Ranch" alt="" address="Quito, Ecuador" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The Pululahua Crater is one of the most amazing places to ride, but chances are you will not find anything about it in your guide book. Astrid, the owner of the ranch who moved to Ecuador from Germany about 15 years ago, will pick you up in Quito and bring you to the ranch (about 45 minute drive). Rides of various lengths are available and she has a wide variety of horses ready for novices and experts. Her and her staff are incredibly friendly and everything is included in the price.</do>
*<do name="Casa del Alabado" alt="" address="Calle Cuenca N1-41" directions="Between the Plazas of San Francisco and Santa Clara" phone="+593(2)228-0772" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Explore ancient cultures in downtown Quito at Casa del Alabado's display of pre-Columbian artwork created by anonymous artists from Valdivia, Chorrera, Tolita, Jama-Coaque and other cultures who populated the landscape where Ecuador is now located. More often than not, exhibitions about the prehistory of the Andes are organized in chronological order, arguably in an evolutionary fashion. Casa del Alabado transcends this convention with a display based on Andean cosmology in which the exquisite works of art are arranged to preserve the inner forces behind their creation and meaning. The exhibit aides the preservation of intangible cultural beliefs and worldviews, as well as the material counterparts of that cultural heritage, which are recognized and sponsored by UNESCO and ICO. Open 9:30-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-4:00 on Sundays and Holidays. $4 for Adults, $2 for audio guide, $1 for children 6-12 and Seniors. </do>
*<buy name="Zapytal" alt="" address="Foch E4-298 v Av Amazonas" directions="" phone="528 757" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Hand made shoes. A wide selection in stock plus made to measure if you have 8 days to spare. A selection of correspondant (spectator shoes), riding boots and womens shoes $80</buy>
*<buy name="Guitarras Guacan" alt="" address="Chimborazo y Bahia, Quito" directions="" phone="(+593) 2-2583-475" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Master Luthier Cesar Guacan's quaint guitar workshop at the base of the Virgin del Panecillo - great guitars for both professionals and budget-conscious.</buy>
*<buy name="Tienda del Alabado" alt="" address="Calle Cuenca N1-41" directions="Between the Plazas of San Francisco and Santa Clara" phone="+593(2)228-0772" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">After visiting the Casa del Alabado Pre-Columbian Art Museum you can explore the beauty of Ecuadorian handicrafts in the museum shop. The shop works to support the preservation of ancient knowledge of craft techniques from various parts of Ecuador. The museum is proud to provide a space in which Ecuadorian artisans can integrate ancient techniques into contemporary designs and show their wonderful handicrafts to the rest of the world. Open 9:30-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-4:00 on Sundays and Holidays. $4 for Adults, $2 for audio guide, $1 for children 6-12 and Seniors.</buy>
*<eat name="Uncle Ho's" alt="" address="E8-40 Jose Calama y Diego de Almagro" directions="2 Blocks from Plaza Foch" phone="02 5114030" url="" hours="Mon - Sat, Midday til 11pm" price="$7 - $10" lat="0" long="0">Great fresh Asian food (Vietnamese & Thai) in funky surroundings with friendly service. Excellent Martinis & drink specials. Prices - Appetizers $3-4, Mains $7-10. Tofu & Veggie options, Local Ecuadorian Specialities. </eat>
*<eat name="Achiote" alt="" address="Juan Rodriguez 282 y Reina Victoria" directions="La Mariscal" phone="593022501743" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Traditional Ecuadorian cuisine with a gourmet twist!</eat>
*<eat name="Cafe Mosaico" alt="" address="Manuel Samaniego 895" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="$$" lat="" long="">Great Ecuadoran food with live music in the center of town. Prices are around $15 per person for dinner, including a drink.</eat>
===La Ronda===
The most popular place for drinking, food and nightlife in the Historic Center of Quito. A place to enjoy a canelazo rather than partying - most places close at 1 or 2 am.
*<sleep name="Grinn House" address="Calama y 6 de Deciembre (New Town)" phone="2231 917", email="[email protected]" price="$7 per person with shared bath, $20 double private suite">Located in the New Town at the end of the bar & restaurant-filled Calama St, this hostel is brightly lit, immaculately clean and features some of the most comfortable beds and blankets you'll find in any hostel in South America. Dorm rooms for 4+ people (if there isn't much traffic you might even get a room to yourself). The double suite has it's own private bathroom and cabinets for your belongings. Open kitchen and fridge for guests. Plenty of hot water, free wi-fi internet, and optional laundry service and breakfasts. Very friendly owner and staff are happy to help with directions, activities, tours, cabs, etc. </sleep>
*<sleep name="Hostal Marsella" address="Ríos N-12-139 (2035) y Espinoza (Alameda)" phone="2580 795", email="[email protected]" price="$7 per person with shared bath, $10 private">Located between New and Old Quito, just up the hill from Parque Alameda. Plenty of clean rooms with sitting areas both inside and under a new glassed-in ceiling on the rooftop (with views of the Basilica and the Panacillo/Angel.) Hot water, free wi-fi internet in the common areas, laundry service, large breakfasts ($2-$3). Door is locked 24/7 for security and the very friendly owners and staff are happy to help with directions, calling cabs, etc. Great spot away from (but within walking distance of) the much more touristy Mariscal Sucre.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Backpackers Inn" address="Juan Rodriguez E7-48 y Reina Victoria, La Mariscal" phone="02 250 9669", url="" email="[email protected]" checkout="noon" price="From $67.50/$8.50 per Dorm nightin dorm, $23/$26 double, $28/$33 triple with shared/private bathroom (2014)">Centrally and very quietly located in the heart of La Mariscal District. The rooms and bathrooms are very clean. Good Kitchen kitchen for joint use, Free Internet and WiFi. Check-in and entrance available 24 hours. Big, comfy common rooms filled with fun things and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Parking space available at no charge.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Casa Helbling" alt="" address="General Veintimilla 531 y 6 de Diciembre, La Mariscal" directions="" phone="02 222 6013" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Single $16, double $28, dorm $8, breakfast ~$3-7" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">An old, but well preserved, large mansion where every room is different. All are very simple and some are nicer than the others. Most are shared bathrooms and sometimes it can take a little bit longer until a Bath is free (they have 3). Also, depends on people, it can get noisy, the doors and wall are old. Full kitchen available for use; nice courtyards, roof decks, and outdoor spaces. Breakfast and laundry available, but a little bit expensive. Laundry is 3.50 for one load. Anyway there are cheap Laundry Services around (1USD per 1Kilo). German and English spoken. Free wifi and a computer for use. Friendly, relaxed staff. Quiet and tranquil, perfect for those over 30 who want to be in La Mariscal. Nice hostel but unfortuntately no Discount for Longstay! </sleep>
*<sleep name="La Casa Sol" alt="" address="Calama 127" directions="La Mariscal neighborhood. Near Av 6 de diciembre" phone="02 223 0798" url="" checkin="Noon" checkout="Noon" price="$20" lat="" long="">A colorful, homey hostel in the best part of the neighborhood, close to shopping, nightlife and entertainment. Great amenities: cafe and international library, and a beautiful antique house. Nice breakfast in a sunny restaurant. Walking distance to s 'Metro Bus' station. </sleep>
*<sleep name="El Cafecito" alt="" address="Cordero 1124, La Mariscal" directions="" phone="02 223 4862" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$7.84 for dorm, $16.80 double with shared bath, $25 double with private bath plus tax (2014)" lat="" long=""> Good price but not so clean location. Located in the Mariscal, short walk to bars, restaurants, but not it's so close to that you hear the noise. The hostel has 6 rooms and prices start at $7 (2013) for a dorm bed, private with shared bath $15 plus tax, private with private bath $25. Restaurant with vegan options, food a bit too expensive and not worth the money. Breakfast with free refills on coffee. Helpful staff.</sleep>
*<sleep name="La Casona de Mario" alt="" address="Andalucia 213 y Galicia, La Floresta" directions="" phone="02 254 4036" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Single double and triple room. All rooms have shared bathrooms and there is a set price of $12.00 per person per night</sleep>
* '''JW Marriott Hotel Quito''', Av. Orellana 1172 y Av. Amazonas, Phone: +593 2 2972000 Luxury hotel, offers spacious and luxurious rooms, along with first-class meeting facilities, a outdoor pool and garden, full-service SPA and outstanding restaurants. []
* '''Hotel Quito''', Av. González Suárez N27 142, Phone: (593)2 254 4600 This hotel offers the following services: Casino, Restaurant, Room service, Wifi, Swimming pool, Garden spa and fitness, Business Center, Shops, Parking, Wet and dry cleaning, Nanny Service []
===Between the Old and New Town===
Another scam will often have an accomplice who will provide a distraction such as pretending to sell sweets before spilling them all over you, giving their friend the chance to steal your belongings. This can't be emphasised enough: never let your belongings out of sight. If something suspicious is happening like this on a bus, just refuse to co-operate and hold your belongings close to you. Robberies of this kind are common, particularly on buses leaving Quito. It is worth considering paying $3 or $4 more for a trip on a more high-class bus as these often have additional security measures, which can prevent robberies of tourists and locals alike. On city buses, it is best to not bring a backpack. If you absolutely have to bring one, wear it on your chest, not your back.
Another scam is someone spraying some mustard on your clothing. An accomplice will then say it's bird droppings and try to help clean your clothing but they will ask you to remove your camera or set your bag down. At this point, another accomplice will swoop in and take your belongings.
Finally, several neighborhoods located to the very north and south of the city are infamous among locals for having gang/delinquent trouble. "La Bota" to the north is specially notorious as it even locals try to avoid passing through it as much as possible.
Travelers in Quito are likely to be approached at some point or another by con artists or persons with "sob stories". Ignore such persons and be wary of anyone asking for money under any pretext, including children begging. If you feel charitable, Ecuador has lots of legitimate charities you can support.
If you have had something stolen from you, try taking a look in "Centro Commercial Montufar" (next to Terminal Marin on the Ecovia Red line), which is where many stolen items are sold on the blackmarket. Wise travellers will have their equipment serial numbers written down for safekeeping, which will help prove that the items are indeed yours. Quito police can assist in retrieving stolen items.
Avoid associating at all with the drug trade in Ecuador. Ecuador has strict laws against possession, transportation and use of illegal drugs and foreigners caught transporting drugs at the airports have been sentenced to long prison terms. Unfortunately, any foreigner with a "alternative" or "hippie" appearance (such as men with long hair) may be assumed by some Ecuadorians to be looking for drugs. If you are approached about drugs in any context, it safe to assume the person approaching you is up to no good.
One exception is use of entheogens by indigenous people. Interest in ayahuasca is prompting increasing numbers of Americans and Europeans to travel to south america South America in order to partake in traditional ceremonies, and Ecuador is one such place. It is advisable to plan such a trip with a reliable guide before you travel there.
All Ecuadorian citizens and visitors are required to carry ID at all times. If your stay in Ecuador is for a few months or longer, sooner or later, you will encounter a roadside police check and be requested to show ID. You can show your passport; however, carrying your passport around all the time is not advised due to the risk of loss of or theft. A better option is to have a copy of your passport certified by your embassy and carry that. Students and long-term residents will be issued an Ecuadorian "censo" card that can also be carried in place of a passport for ID purposes.
If you are the victim of a crime it is suggested you report it to the Ecuadorian National Police (by law, you must report within 72 hours of the incident), as well as to your home country embassy and to the South American Explorers Club.
To the North, all tourists should visit the province of [[Imbabura]], which has beautiful lakes such as Yaguarcocha and San Pablo. Hikers and mountain climbers can also ask for adventures in Cayambe National Park, home of the 3rd largest volcano in Ecuador. It's inactive. For tourists who want to shop a bit, they should take notice of the town of [[Otavalo]], it's indian market is famous worldwide for the quality and variety of products on sale. Don't forget to haggle for your preferred price!
80 km to the north of Quito can be found the Maquipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve and Ecolodge, the closet pristine rainforest to Quito. This 6000 hectare (15,000 acre) reserve is home to 400+ species of birds, 50+ of mammals (including the famous Spectacled Bear), and 2000+ of plants, a spectacular display of Ecuador’s biodiversity. Accommodation on site is possible. [].
To the North West of Quito lies the region of Mindo, a subtropical rainforest paradise, full of rivers, majestic waterfalls, unique wildlife and more. The region is home to a variety of animal wildlife sanctuaries, and is famous locally and internationally because of its beauty. At a slightly higher altitude to [[Mindo]] is the Cloudforest. The variety of plants, birds and butterflies is wonderful. The guides carry good quality binoculars to help you spot some of the many varieties of birds. After each guided walk you can return to the lodge for meals. Near the main buildings there are many hummingbird feeders which attract many of the energetic and luminous birds. Accommodation is simple but very clean and pleasant with balconies from which you get beautiful views into the forest. You can visit the butterfly and humming bird farm too for about $3. The staff will show you around and explain to you in Spanish the life cycle of the butterflies (very worthwhile!) Landslides are known to occur on the roads to and from Mindo. Traffic can be held up for hours if this occurs. Trout (trucha in Spanish) is a specialty of Mindo and a dish of this should cost around $6. To get to Mindo from Quito, catch a taxi to Ofelia bus station ($5-6) and at the North bus terminal buy a ticket to Mindo for $2.50. The frequency of these buses differs between weekdays and weekends and travel guide times may be out of date. The earliest bus on a weekday is at 8am (13th April 2010). The bus trip is around 2 hours in length.
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