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[ '''Rimini'''] is a resort town in [[Emilia-Romagna]] on [[Italy|Italy's]] east coast.
[[File:Beach of Rimini (14-07-2012).jpg|thumb|Beach of Rimini]]
There has been a settlement at Rimini since prehistoric times. Founded by the Romans in 268 BC, Rimini boasts a 2,000-year history that has left important marks testifying to its grandeur. To the Romans, ''Ariminum'' was a link between the "Italic" and the "Gallic" lands, a stronghold on the Adriatic and a gateway to the Po valley. Three major roads converged here - the ''Flaminian Way'', the ''Aemilian Way'' and the ''Popilian Way''.
Rimini today is a thriving, bustling resort on the Italian Riviera that boasts "over a thousand hotels". It is Italy's biggest beach resort and it is very famous all over Europe, with 15 km of sandy beach plus thousands of bars, restaurants and discos.
This is a place where the '''Italians''' go for their sea and sun, and therefore the food is excellent as well as the people being friendly and helpful. You won't find many tour buses filled with Americans or English here! This also means, however, that few speak anything but Italian, so be sure to take your phrase book with you. The locals will work with you and are always happy to see a foreigner at least trying to communicate in their language.
===By plane===
As a renowned resort area, Rimini has its own airport. is served by '''Rimini "Federico Fellini" International Airport ''' (IATA: RMI) []  Buses (line number 9) run the 7 km from the airport to the railway station in the centre of the town. Ticket price is 1.60€ Rimini airport has scheduled flights from [[Moscow]] and [[Tirana]] all year round and it has seasonal scheduled connections with [[Helsinki]], [[St Petersburg]] and [[Luxembourg]].Low Cost Airline Ryanair Fly to/from currently connects RiminiAirport with [[London]] Stansted, [[Warsaw]] Modlin and [[Kaunas]]. check In summer there is also a great number of charter flights to [http://wwwRussian and European]
Some discount airlines go to Forli, Forli Airport Other nearby airports are those in [[Ancona]] (IATA: FRL107km) and [[]] which is about 55 km from Rimini(120km).
===By train===
There is a [ train line] that runs up and down the coast from Rimini to [[Ravenna]] and [[Bologna]] in the north and [[Ancona]] in the south, via any number of smaller resort towns.
The train station itself does not have any has a luggage deposit facilitiesfacility, but you can drop by that is open every day between 08:30 and 20:30. Leaving the Tourist Information next to package for the station first 3 hours costs €4.5 and ask if they still have space for you to deposit your belongings €5 for a fee 24 hours (€3 per item as of May 2013April 2019).
===By car===
[[File:Arco d'Augusto.JPG|thumb|Augustus Arch]]
* The '''Augustus Arch''', a Roman arch built to celebrate the Roman emperor who lent it his name
* The '''Tiberius Bridge''', the Roman bridge that marks the beginning of the ''Aemilian Way''
* The '''Domus of the Surgeon''' an impressive archeological area documenting 20 centuries of Rimini history.
* The '''Federico Fellini Museum''', Via Clementini 2, Rimini, Fellini(in the process of being relocated to Castel Sismondo) It's Museum is located within Rimini's historic centre and is popular with both Italian public and foreign visitors alike. This museum covers everything related to the great film director's life and career, from the earliest days of Federico Fellini (1920 - 1993) to his greatest masterpieces, including five Oscars. The Museo Fellini hosts regular exhibitions of drawings, photographs and sketches.* The '''Rimini museum City Museum''' is open: Tuesday to Friday - 16:00 to 19:00, Saturday to Sunday - 10:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 19:00Rimini museum admission. Admission: free€7 (includes entrance to the Domus of the Surgeon)
* The <see name="Tempio Malatestiano" alt="" address="35 Via IV Novembre" directions="" phone="+39 0541 51130" url="" hours="open M-Sa 8:30AM-12:30PM, 3:30PM-7PM, and Su, 9AM-1PM, 3:30PM-7PM" price="" lat="" long="">Bizarre burial chapel for Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, the lord of the city, together with his mistress Isotta degli Atti and the Malatesta family.</see>* The '''Castel Sismondo''' castle was built by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, lord of Rimini, beginning on March 20, 1437

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