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*Outside the busiest areas and outside the high season, hitchhiking is easy here and can lead to unexpected social interactions and changes to one's plans.
*Gozo boasts one of the most remarkable churches on the archipelago, situated at Ta'Pinu, which was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1990. A record of his visit is situated at the rear of the church.
=== Pistol Shooting===
One of the most popular places to go shooting in Malta is at Gun Blast Shooting Range. The Organisation is authorised for training and to organise and supervise shooting competitions on the local and national level. In order to realise these goals its certified and qualified instructors hold courses on such subjects such as pistol safety, pistol parts and operation, shooting fundamentals, ammunition, skills for operating a pistol, shooting positions.
The range is open for Pistols on Saturday and Sunday.
The open hours for winter are:
Saturday – 8.30 till 16.00.
Sunday – 8.30 till 16.00.
Bookings to shoot at the Gun Blast Shooting Range can now be done by sending an email on [email protected] or through its website:

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