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The Wire Tour

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Stay safe
Do not leave valuables in a parked car visible to any passersby.
Be cautious about valuables on your person (purse, phone, camera).
Travel in a group if possible.
As noted [[#Get around|above]], walking on foot around the East and West Baltimore sections of the tour could be more risky. Yes, they are high violent-crime areas, but you are more likely to be offered drugs for sale or get hit by a car than become the that kind of victim, and there are really great hospitals near all tour locations. Additionally, you may be more likely to become the victim of petty crime (like someone running off with your phone) in the less residential neighborhoods.
A nighttime stroll in many locales would be ill-advised, but no one is likely to bother you beyond asking you what you're doing there or advising that it's not safe for you to visit. Unless, you are or look to be "in the game" people will probably leave you alone.
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