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Fundamentals of flying

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Before you fly
==Before you fly==
{{cautionbox|Whilst airline staff will do their best to help you sort your travel-related issues, please be aware that you have responsibilities as a passenger too. '''DO NOT ARGUE with staff over issues that you are supposed to be responsible for in the first place.''' Before you pound your hands on the desk, raise your voice, swear, write a negative review, etc, please ask yourself if you have done all of the following beforehand: <br> *planned for a punctual arrival arrived at the airport and worked-out contingency plans in case there unforseen scenarios emerge well before required deadlines <br> *have all valid prepared the required travel documents ready and in order <br> *reviewed your carriers' policies on baggage allowances, allowed items, and packed your baggage according to such accordingly <br><br> Please understand as well that if the carrier makes exceptions or concessions to accommodate you, they may very well be breaching local regulations which could result in severe fines/penalties for them, and more basically inconvenience or endanger other passengers.}}
===Reconfirming your flight===

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