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Fundamentals of flying

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Mergers and frequent flyers
===Mergers and frequent flyers===
Sometimes due to the nature of the airline industry, mergers and acquisitions between carriers are inevitable. This will have implications for your frequent flyer accounts if you have one with at least one of the parties to the merger. In general, only the miles in the accounts of the carriers which are party to the merger will be affected. This means if you flew one of these carriers but had your miles credited with the account of another carrier, such miles won't be affected; but conversely if you credited mileage activity from other carriers, hotels , car rentals, credit card points, etc into the frequent flyer accounts of the parties to the merger, such will be affected. The following scenarios usually apply:
*if you have frequent flyer accounts with both parties to the merger, the miles in both accounts will be consolidated into the frequent flyer programme of the new/surviving carrier; it is possible that you may be assigned a new account number
*if you have a frequent flyer account only with the acquired party to the merger, a new account will be created and all the existing miles in your previous frequent flyer account will be transferred there

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