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By boat
* '''Silja Line''' [], owned by Tallink, has ferries to [[Mariehamn]], [[Helsinki]] and [[Turku]] departing from '''Värtahamnen''' port. See directions above.
* '''Viking Line''' [] ferries to [[Mariehamn]], [[Helsinki]] and [[Turku]] depart from the eastern part of '''Stadsgårdsterminalen''' in northeastern Södermalm. To get there from the city centre, take the green or red underground lines to Slussen, and take the exit for Slussenterminalen. This bus terminal is the starting point of numerous suburban buses to the eastern suburbs. Take From there take the 401 - 422, 442 - 449 or 471 bus ''one single stop'' to Londonviadukten and the port will be on your left. Alternatively normal town buses 53 and 71 link Slussen and the Viking Line terminal, albeit via the backstreets. Yet another convenient but more expensive alternative is the shuttle buses operated by Flygbussarna that go directly from the terminal to the central bus station (Cityterminalen) in the city center. The price for a ticket on these are 40 SEK (single) and 60 SEK (return) and tickets are sold on board, at Flygbussarna's and Viking Line's booths in the bus station, and if you want to buy the ticket on the bus you can do it but only pay with a credit card. There are multiple departures [ån%201%20januari%202012%201indd.pdf] from the port 15-60 min after the ferry arrives and from the station 1-3 hours before the ferry departs. If you are driving to the boat, follow the signs to ''Slussen'', then ''Stadsgårdsterminalen'' (note that Slussen is confusing for even locals, so don't feel embarrassed if you end up spinning in the intersection a few times) and then ''Finland/Viking Line''. There are big lockers at the ferry terminal for 5 euros or 50 kr.
* '''Birka Cruises''' [] ferries to [[Mariehamn]] in [[Åland]] depart from Western Stadsgårdsterminalen, about 700 meters from Slussen (right in front of Viking's terminal). See above for instructions.
[[Image:Tekhogtunnelbana.JPG|thumb|250px|Artwork at the Tekniska Högskolan metro station.]]
[[File:3798873658 8526c19ffd o.jpg|250px|thumb| Stockholm Metro]]
Stockholm has a metro system called the '''Tunnelbana''', commonly abbreviated '''T-bana''', and symbolised with a blue '''T''' on a round white sign. With exactly 100 stations, it is extensive for a city of this size, and will get you around almost all the downtown places as well as many inner suburbs. Trains run from 05:00 to 01:00 on weekdays and around the clock on weekends. Night buses replace the trains on weekdays. The metro is probably the fastest way to travel to many inner suburbs not served by suburban rail, as well as offering a scenic view from the bridge between Gamla Stan and Slussen.
* '''Djurgårdsbrons Sjöcafé''', Galärvarvsvägen 2 (''on Djurgården, just to the right as you cross Djurgårdsbron'') []. Only open in the summer months. Rents bikes for 250 SEK per day. Also rents roller blades and kayaks.
* '''Gamla Stans Cykel''', Stora Nygatan 20 44 (''T Gamla Stan'') []. Open all year. Rents three speed city bikes for 190220 SEK per day or 500 SEK for 3 days.
* '''Servicedepån - Cykelstallet''', Scheelegatan 15 (''T Rådhuset'') []. Open all year. Rents 3 speed city bikes, 21 speed mountain/hybrids (200 SEK/day), and racers. They have metal-stud snow tyres for winter ice use, but you will have to ask in advance. Helmets are free with the bike, other accessories like panniers can also be rented. Rental period is from 10:00-18:00, full 24 hours, or several days.
* The heights of northern [[Södermalm]] give a great view of central Stockholm. Get off the underground at ''Zinkensdamm'', walk up the street ''Ringvägen'' and then the old and partly cobbled ''Yttersta tvärgränd'' until it terminates just next to an abandoned stone quarry on the right. Climb the quarry on either side and enjoy this somewhat steep and unprepared location, which has a tendency of attracting a pretty lively crowd on new year's eve and summer nights. * Get off the underground at ''Slussen'' and walk up ''Katarinavägen'' and then on to the lovely ''Fjällgatan'', where tourist coaches make a stop to let everyone enjoy the most popular vantage point.
* '''Hammarbybacken''', a semi-artificial ski slope, walkable around the year, great during summer.
* '''Kaknästornet''' [] contains Stockholm's highest observatory floor and restaurant, giving a good view of the central town, and the inner archipelago. Entrance fee 45 SEK.

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