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: Suvalkija 9or in Polish Suwalszczyzna) is a beautiful region, full of lakes and forests. We call it in Poland " The lungs of Poland" because it's so green:)
: Looking forward to your response. Warm regards, [[User:IBAlex|IBAlex]] ([[User talk:IBAlex|talk]]) 20:19, 24 September 2013 (EDT)
::Well, where are you from you tell in [ your user page], should it be a secret? :D . About the name: Wikipedia (both EN and LT) calls it Suvalkija (in the title) and provides also other names. "Suvalkija or Sūduva" in the beginning is mentioned because both names are used as synonyms in various sources (i.e. one can come across the one name in one sentence and another name in another sentence, especially if the text is a literal translation or just written by the lithuanian). The only reason why people don't like the name Suvalkija is because it is a product of Russian Empire, i.e. it is Suwałki Governorate. I too like more the name Sūdovia, but never used it in my life, everybody say Suvalkija, therefor there is a certain attempt to change it (because people don't use it and because it is a work of Russian Empire). But the name Sūduva is misleading, like Wikipedia says, "the term Sudovia is ambiguous as it is also used to refer to the ancient Sudovian-inhabited areas, which stretched much further south". Well, Wikipedia has certain rules, i.e. not to reflect certain point of view, provide written sources (what if they are written on the paper only?) and so on, it somehow in this case describes the confusion and maintains it at the same time :) . So, the name Sudovia was not so wrong during the years of Russian Empire, Sudovians lived in its southern part, Poles could rightfully call it Sudovia, just there is no reason for them: Sudovians were the Balts like Lithuanians; for Lithuanians it's sort of expression of solidarity with a tribe which once was ally against crusaders, just that. All inhabitants of lithuanian half of Suvalkija actually were either Nadruvians (pure Prussians) or Nadruvians who assimilated with lithuanians or just new-comers from Lithuania. So this name is romantic but has nothing to do with reality. When modern suvalkians like to identify themselves with Sudovians, it is something like they are willing to associate themselves with the tribe which is respected by them, and disassociate from the heritage of Russian Empire. But this area also was under the rule of Kingdom of Prussia (the name Užnemunė comes from this time), which actually also made significant impact which can be observed even today, same about the period of Suwałki Governorate. The railway network was built during that time, it made a serious impact on the development of this particular region, towns that previously were practically unknown became rather significant points with the railway stations. One can dislike, but Suwałki Governorate, as an actual region, exists, while Sudovians ceased to exist centuries ago. Suwalki town itself, for example, became industrial town only during the time of Russian Empire. Well, same would happened under the rule of anybody (Germans, for example), industrialization was an attribute of that time. What i want to say is that those "other names" are internal peculiarities of Lithuania, i think that regular travelers from abroad neither need to know all that stuff, nor they are able to digest it, nor it is interesting to them. Nor relevant :) . For those who want to know details, the Wikipedia is quite sufficient. Actually, to some extent Sudovia would be similar thing as, say, [ Iowa] in the US: are the residents of Iowa indians? They saw indians only in the movies, however they live in Iowa :) . This is not an identical situation, but somehow similar, at least americans have only the one name for this state :) .
:: So, now i don't know how about the "official governmental website that says what's the official name", to me Wikipedia article looks sufficient, it provides the link to [ this source] which also is sufficient to me, it won't change people's preferences anyway :) Nothing can change it :D . Practically, the only difference now between too halves is a different currency which is the reason why lithuanians periodically invade Polish half annoying locals to some extend, but increasing profits of traders :D. Well, i think we should focus on nature and historical objects here, and concerning the name (the change of it) you tell me the decision. I myself do not need neither one nor another one, nor am i a suvalkian. My idea is to sort out the mess at least here, there is plenty left in other LT related articles :D . Somehow english sources does not make difference between relevant info, irrelevant info, jokes and impressions of strangers from the outside (i'm talking about LT only). So thats all so far. Thanks for your help :) --[[User:Local|Local]] ([[User talk:Local|talk]]) 03:47, 25 September 2013 (EDT)

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