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Fundamentals of flying

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* '''If ill''' (especially with anything that might be contagious), you really shouldn't fly. In the close quarters of a plane, perhaps for hours, with 200 or more people going eventually to countless places, you could start or spread misery, even an epidemic. You should '''defer travel''' until you have recovered. If an airline or security agent notices symptoms, you may be worst denied boarding. Good trip insurance can help with the expense of delayed travel.
* If you've had '''surgery''' or a '''plaster cast''' applied within the last 15 days or so, you'd best avoid flying. Low cabin pressure can cause extremely uncomfortable swelling. Consult your doctor.
* '''If pregnant''', consult your doctor for your particular circumstances. [ A fair introduction to these travel-in-pregancy issues]. Immigration and airline-specific restrictions may also apply particularly to those in their final weeks of pregnancy.
Restrictions and advice for some of these conditions can vary by airline, flight distances/times, total times to your destination(s), and availability of quality care at each stop.

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