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| regionmap=Tasmania regions map.png
| regionmaptext=Australia regions
| regionmapsize=376px
| region1name=[[Southern]]
| region1color=#bcb491
| region1items=
| region1description=The most populous region of Tasmania. Home to Hobart, Tasmania's capital and largest city. Hobart is also the second oldest city in Australia.
| region2name=[[Northern]]
| region2color=#bcb491
| region2items=
| region2description=This area encompasses the city of [[Launceston]], the [[Tamar Valley]], [[Bridport]], [[George Town]], the mountainous region of [[Ben Lomond]], the Midlands, and the North East.
| region3name=[[North West Coast]]
| region3color=#bcb491
| region3items=
| region3description=Small coastal townships and cities following the coast. From west to east: Wynyard, Somerset, Burnie, Penguin, Ulverstone, Turners Beach, and Devonport. Inland this region also includes Waratah, Cradle Mountain, Mole Creek, Sheffield and Latrobe.
| region4name=[[East Coast]]
| region4color=#bcb491
| region4items=
| region4description=Stunning beaches, voted some of the most beautiful in the world. The world class natural attractions of Wine Glass Bay, Freychinet Peninusula, and Maria Island. Townships of St Helens, Bichino, Scamander.
| region5name=[[West Coast]]
| region5color=#bcb491
| region5items=
| region5description=The West Coast has long been the center of mining in Tasmania. This region has the smallest population of any region in Tasmania. Queenstown, Strahan, Zeehan, Tullah.
| region6name=[[Bass Straight Islands]]
| region6color=#bcb491
| region6items=
| region6description=Description with lots of writing here.
===[[Southern Tasmania]]===

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