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In buses or trains, let older people have your seat if there's no space available. The gesture will be appreciated. Romans, and Italians as well, can be chaotic while in a queue and often "clump" without any particular order: it's considered impolite, but they do it anyway (however, note that everyone knows who's last!). Be careful while driving, as Romans often drive frantically and bend the rules to cope with the heavy traffic.
Catcalls, shoutouts or wolf whistles directed to young ladies are, nowadays, nothing more but a thing of the pasttravel myth; however - in the (admittedly, ''very'' rare) occurrence this happens to you - don't react and just walk away.
==Stay safe==
Rome is home to two rivals Serie A '''football''' clubs, A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio, and there is a history of conflict, and even rioting, between the two. Never wear anything that shows that you support either of them, especially during the Derby (when the two clubs play each other): avoid even wandering into groups of supporters of the other club, or you may be subject to heckling or even confrontation. Play it safe and refrain from openly supporting either club unless you are very familiar with the rivalry. If you are a fan of a foreign team that is playing in Rome, '''be very careful''' as a number of supporters have been stabbed over the past few years.
Roma's colours are yellow and red (more precisely, orange and garnet-coloured, the same you can see on the city's flag). Lazio's livery is composed by white and light blue (azure). Other tee-shirts not appreciated: '''Juventus''' (black and white vertical stripes), '''Milan''' (red and black), '''Inter''' (blue and black) - but they are twins with Lazio - and '''Napoli''' (light blue). However, don't take these tips too seriously, especially in the central areas.

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